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 ADI Handloaders Guide

ADI Powders Handloaders' Guide - Ninth Edition NZ$12 (incl. GST)

With more data and new loads it is the most comprehensive guide yet. A practical, comprehensive reference book that belongs on the bench of every reloader. This revised and updated handbook contains load data for almost every cartridge available, including new powders, bullets, and loads for over 5000 rifle shotgun and handgun cartridges.

* More Data: Many new loads add to ADI's most comprehensive guide yet.
* Over 5000+ Loads for Shotguns, Pistols, Rifles and Single Action Applications.
* Featuring complete data for the new ADI 308 Winchester Brass, new centrefire rifle from Lithgow Arms and new Bench Mark 8208 rifle powder.
* Introducing Australian Outlook Ammunition: the only Australian factory manufctured ammunition with Ballistic Temperature Independence.
* World-Class Powders and Ammunitions

Guide Includes:
ADI Powders:
* ADI Powders comparison chart
ADI Powder Descriptions:
* Shotgun powders
* Pistol powders
* Rifle powders
* Rifle cases

Articles Also Included in the Guide:
* Loading Bench Logistics
* New Centrefire Rifle from Lithgow Arms
* ADI .308 Winchester Brass
* Hunting adventures in New Zealand
* Bringing a new propellant manufacturing facility online
* Judging distances
* Keeping first time shooters interested
* Bagging my first sambar
* Rifle ranges around OZ
* Australian ammo for Australian conditions
* Your questions and more!


Introduction from ADI Reloading Powders:

Welcome to the 9th edition of ADI Powders Handloaders' Guide. This is the biggest issue yet with new loads, new stories and more action! This year's guide is once again packed with essential reloading data and great articles about the ADI 308 Brass, Lithgow Arms debut centrefire rifle and ADI's new propellant factory in Mulwala.

ADI have had some great feedback on the new format, and the decision to supply figures for the popular commercially available bullets by brand name, rather than simply by bullet weight, has proven very popular with the reloading community. The new format introduces a number of changes to make the guide easier to use, as well as more interesting to browse through.

You’ll notice that the guide is now in the format of a glossy magazine. This change makes it possible for ADI to include articles on reloading, as well as reviews of new powders and reloading kit. The addition of a modest cover price also makes it possible for ADI to publish the guide annually, without adding to the price of their powders.

ADI's reloading data is developed in cooperation with the Hodgdon Powder Company, with which ADI have celebrated a remarkable 25-year plus partnership with. Looking closer at the data, you will notice that ADI now supply figures for popular commercially available bullets by brand name, rather that simply by bullet weight.

This change brings the ADI guide in step with the way Hodgdon publishes its data, and makes it easier for you to choose a powder that will give you the desired performance for your chosen bullet brand and weight.

ADI are proud to introduce Bench Mark 8208, already reverently referred to as the ‘Cinderella Powder’ in the US, to their range.

This powder meters with the consistency of a ball powder and drives light varmint bullets at higher velocities, while maintaining rock solid performance in varying environments. It’s versatile as well, with good loads available up to the 458 Winchester Magnum. On behalf of the ADI team, thank you for using ADI's proudly Australian-made powders. Enjoy the sport, and be safe out there.

About ADI and its Parent Brand (Australian Munitions)
ADI: World Class Powders and Ammunition

ADI has been part of the Australian reloading community longer than you may think. The ADI brand is owned by Australian Munitions (a business of Thales Australia Limited), ADI are still proudly Australian and their commitment to the local reloading community is stronger than ever. Furthermore, ADI's excellent tailored range of smokeless powders, in-depth handloading guide and technical support services remain the same. Thales Australia - local expertise benefitting from worldwide experience. Choose ADI Sporting Powders and "shoot with the best".

Australian Munitions: Quality Product Portfolio

Australian Munitions has unrivalled credentials as a manufacturer of military grade propellants, high explosives, pyrotechnics, small arms ammunition, medium/large calibre munitions, aerial delivered ordnance, grenades, and explosive charges.

The company has accumulated significant experience and technical depth in explosives chemistry and has applied this expertise to develop modern propellant formulations. The propellants are recognised internationally for their excellent ballistic temperature independence (“BTI”) offering reliable and consistent performance across environmental extremes and a broad range of ammunition calibres.

Australian Munitions World-class Commercial Products

Australian Munitions owns the world renowned ADI Powders and Australian Outback Ammunition brands which are used domestically and internationally by the recreational shooting market as well as law enforcement agencies.

  Australian Munitions: A Formidable Force

Australian Munitions is a business of Thales Australia Limited and is the largest supplier of explosive ordnance to the Australian Defence Force, with a successful track record delivering ammunition, propellants, explosives and related services. Australian Munitions are also a principal supplier of small arms ammunition to the New Zealand Defence Force. Australian Munitions also produces high quality propellant and ammunition for military and civilian domestic and international customers.

Australian Munitions can trace its ammunition heritage back to the late 19th century, through the establishment of the Colonial Ammunition Company in Victoria and played a key role restructuring the Australian Munitions manufacturing industry landscape over the final decade of the 20th century.

Manufacturing is based at two main regional sites – Benalla in Victoria and Mulwala in New South Wales. The Benalla site produces ammunition, explosive ordnance and other munitions, while the Mulwala site focuses on high quality propellants and explosives. The company possesses the management depth and expertise, know-how and resources strength necessary to manage Australia’s domestic munitions manufacturing with confidence and safety well into the future.


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