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 AJ Productions NZ Pest Card

AJ Productions Electronic Game Caller Sound Card (Blue Label) - NZ Pest NZ$38 (incl. GST)
For use in the NEW 2023 Model - AJ Productions Deluxe MKII Universal Game Caller

* Model # AJ-NZPEST-SC
* Calls Included:
Magpie, Rook, Spur-Winged Plover, Canadian Geese and Rabbit Distress.
* How to Use: Insert the sound card into a card slot in your AJ Productions Deluxe MKII Universal Electronic Game Caller
* Blue Label: This sound card features a "blue" sticker label and can only be used with the NEW 2023 Model of the AJ Productions Deluxe MKII Universal Game Caller.  All prior Models of the AJ Productions Game Caller (i.e. pre-2022) require sound cards with a "Yellow" sticker label.


The NZ Pest Sound Card has the following calls:
* Magpie.
* Rook.
* Spur-Winged Plover.
* Canadian Geese.
* Rabbit Distress.

Overview of A J Productions Ltd

History of A J Productions

A J Productions Ltd is a New Zealand based company specializing in Electronic Game Callers and Compact Digital Trail/Security cameras.

The creator of A J Productions Ltd, Allan Foot, has been a keen hunter for over 30 years. Now residing in Hamilton, he grew up in the Manawatu with the Tararua and Ruahine Ranges on his doorstep, and spent 6 years working for the New Zealand Forest Service (now known as DOC) as a carpenter, which involved building huts such as Sunrise, Barlow’s and Rangiwahia Huts all in the Ruahine Ranges.

In the early days the main focus for hunting was for wild pigs using dogs. This involved many great, memorable trips with his cousin who introduced him to pig hunting. It took him to many different locations throughout the North Island, from as far north as Cape Reinga to the Southern Haurangis, just east of Wellington. His favorite area for pigs was the Wanganui and the Wairarapa regions.

Allan’s interest for pig hunting grew less and he became more focused on hunting deer. Red deer was the main species hunted, as there were reasonable numbers in the Tararua and Ruahine Ranges.

He then made numerous trips down South to hunt Himalayan Thar and Chamois, which produced nice trophies of both species. In between all this Allan got hooked on hunting Sika deer. This has been his main interest for many years. Having shot many Sika, which has also included numerous 8 pointers.

In more recent times his hunting/filming has taken him outside New Zealand to Australia, Japan and USA.

Filming Experience: Even in the early days of hunting, Allan had a keen interest in filming deer with his video 8 camera. Now his main interest is filming deer rather than shooting. As anyone who has tried to film deer will know, it is far easier to shoot deer than to film deer. Allan wanted to be able to film animals in their natural environment without the influence of human activity.


About the Deluxe Universal Game Caller

The A J Productions Deluxe Electronic Universal Game Caller features an interchangeable sound card system and can be remotely operated from up to 100 metres away via the Wireless Controller.

The device has a volume output of 120+ decibels output, twin sound card slots, each sound card has five recordings. The sound cards feature real animal recordings plus recordings from wildlife experts.

A J Productions have some of the best recordings from Sika, Red, or Fallow Deer to Mallard Duck, Turkey and even Upland Gamebird varieties such as Pheasant and California Quail.

For the International market outside New Zealand, A J Productions have sound cards for Fox, Wild Dog, Feral Goat and Feral Pig to Predator calls, Moose, Elk, Whitetail Deer to Roe Deer, Muntjac and bird calls for Crow, Jackdaw, Widgeon or Pinkfoot geese plus more….

This innovative device will be beneficial to hunters, photographers, naturalist, bird watchers and anyone else interested in the great outdoors to lure the game in close.

Please Note: The Deluxe Universal Electronic Game Caller designed by A J Productions features: main unit, wireless handheld remote and an interchangeable sound card system. It has a REGISTERED DESIGN PATENT.

All sound recordings are used under license or are the exclusive property of A J PRODUCTIONS LTD, HAMILTON – NEW ZEALAND.

AJ Productions "recordings are for the sole purpose to be only used in the A J Productions – Electronic Universal Game Caller, standard and deluxe models. It is an offence to use these sound recordings with any other device (cellular phones, Apps etc) without written permission from the owner – A J PRODUCTIONS LTD – NEW ZEALAND”



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