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 Caldwell Deluxe Rear Bag
Caldwell Deluxe Universal Rear Steady Sand Bag - Unfilled NZ$69 (incl. GST)

The Caldwell Universal Rear Rest Bag features an innovative design with the shooter in mind. These high-quality shooting bags feature a traditional leather top surface that provides a smooth, non-marring, secure rest. The Cordura sides, which will not stretch or sag, maintain the bag's original shape.

These innovative, high-quality leather and polyester Rear Shooting Bags function with most brands of front rests. The leather gives you a secure rest and the polyester, which will not stretch or sag, allows the bag to hold it's shape. This combination makes for the best shooting bag on the market.

* Model # 226-645

* Material: 5 oz. Top Grain Cowhide (Leather) and Cordura Nylon

* Dimensions - Base = 7.4" long x 5.3" wide,and 2.9" high
* Dimensions - Ears = 3.6" long x 2" thick x 2.6" high
* Works well with Caldwell Rock Deluxe Front Rest as well as Wichita, Hoppes, Sinclair, Hoene's, SYG and most other mechanical front rests
* Base and 2 "ears" are separate compartments that need to be filled individuall
* Should be filled with dry silica sand or other inert fillers

* Unfilled weight = 1/2 -Pound
* The perfect compliment to your favorite front rest.
* Constructed of heavy duty cordura and leather.
* The bag features ears designed to hold your rifle securely while offering simple adjustment when in the shooting position.


How To Fill Shooting Bags

Proper filling of your shooting bag is critical for performance and durability. Most of the Caldwell bags are available both filled and unfilled. Different model bags will have slightly different filling port designs; however similar techniques can be used.

Media Selection: Some of the most common choices for material to fill your bag are sand and case cleaning medias like ground walnut, corn cob or synthetic. We do not recommend using actual grain or rice as it is likely to attract rodents. We recommend ground walnut media because it provides good density, is light weight and relatively resistant to moisture. Sand works well for smaller bags but is not a good choice for large bags as it will be too heavy resulting in unnecessary stress on seams.

Filling: Once you have media selected and ready, locate the filling port on your bag. Most of the ports will be tucked under a flap or secured with hook and loop in a "closed" position. Use a funnel to pour media into the bag. If a common funnel is not available, a piece of thick paper can be rolled into a cone shape and used as a funnel. We suggest packing the media periodically during filling; this can be done with any blunt ended object. A long screwdriver with an ink pen cap or a empty brass casing taped on will work well. It is important to get the media packed densely to provide stable support for your gun. Once the bag is filled and packed, the filling port can be folded and secured in place to prevent leakage.

More Pictures of the Caldwell Rear Sand Bag


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