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Contour Camcorders   

Photo and Video Recording Devices
Contour - Mounts Trail Cameras - Little Acorn
Contour - Cases Trail Cameras - Primos
Contour - Batteries and Chargers Trail Cameras - Minox
Contour - Other Accessories Trail Cameras - Spypoint
Contour - Packs Trail Cameras Accessories

Contour Accessories - Cases
Contour Carrying Case
Contour Carrying Case  NZ$50 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR3200

Pack your Contour Video Camera along with up to 4 microSD cards, an extra battery, and a USB cable with you wherever you go. This compact and durable case is the perfect accessory to make sure your Contour camera and accessories never get lost in your gear bag.



Contour Accessories, Batteries and Chargers
Contour Wall Charger

Contour Universal Wall Charger
NZ$50 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR2450

The Universal Wall Charger is an international wall charger which allows you to recharge your Contour cameras wherever you go. Select the plug for the country, connect the USB to your camera, and in about three hours your camera will be ready to rejoin the action. Charge time is approximately three hours. For use with Contour Cameras and Contour USB Batter Charger (sold separately).

* Charger with USB cable
* US/Americas wall plug
* Europe wall plug
* Asia wall plug
* Austrailia wall plug
* UK wall plug


Contour Car Charger
Contour Car Charger NZ$34 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR2900

Recharge or keep your Contour camera running while you are in your car. Connect your Contour to the car charger so you can record while charging, or power down the camera and recharge even faster! LED lights indicate charge status - a full charge is estimated to take 3 hours. Cigarette lighter plug and coiled USB cable are included.


Contour Connect View
Contour Connect View (for ContourGPS camera) NZ$51 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR4000

The Connect View Card allows your iPhone or iPod touch to become a wireless viewfinder for your ContourGPS camera. Together with the Contour Mobile App, Connect View allows you to see what your camera sees before you record and change your settings in real-time. Use your phone to line up the shot, adjust your settings (video, lighting, or audio), and you're ready to record your adventure.


Contour Replacement Lens Kit
Contour Replacement Lens Kit NZ$50 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR3400

The Lens Kit is a little TLC for your Contour camera. It includes extra lens covers and a replacement lens ring, as well as a lens ring adaptor that allows you to use a standard 37mm lens filter to get that perfect shot in the toughest lighting conditions.


Contour Micro SD Cards
Contour 8GB Micro SD Card NZ$50 (incl. GST)
* Model # VHRSD8
* Class 6
* Includes Adapter
  Contour 16GB Micro SD Card NZ$73 (incl. GST)
* Model # VHRSD16
* Class 6
* Includes Adapter


Contour Accessories Packs
Contour Snow Mounts Pack
Contour Snow Mounts Pack NZ$169 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR6210

The perfect combination for capturing all the action on the snow. The Contour Snow Mounts includes two easy to use helmet mounts, a Goggle Strap Mount, and the new Pole Mount that allows you to mount your camera to any standard ski pole (11-18mm diameter) for recording epic winter adventures.

What's in the box
* Profile Mounts (Right and Left)
* Goggle Mount
* Rotating Flat Surface Mount
* Pole Mount
* Weatherproof Carry Bag


Contour Bike Mounts Pack
Contour Bike Mounts Pack NZ$169 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR6220

Whether you like skinny tires or fat tires, this is the ultimate mounting combination for all your bike pursuits. Use the two helmet mounts on either a vented or full-face helmet, or use the Bar Mount on handlebars 15-33mm diameter for a different perspective. The Flex Strap Mount lets you attach a camera to a seat post, chain stay or any round or irregular bar.

What's in the box
* Vented Helmet Mount
* Flex Strap Mount
* Profile Mount (Right and Left)
* Bar Mount
* Weatherproof Carry Bag


Contour Moto Mounts Pack
Contour Moto Mounts Pack NZ$196 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR6230

A versatile combination for all Motorsports. Use the Suction Cup Mount on windshields or the Flex Strap Mount on roll bars, handle bars, or any other round or irregular shape. The Profile Mount is great for that low profile option, and the adjustable Rotating Flat Surface Mount will help you get the perfect angle.

What's in the box
* Rotating Flat Surface Mount
* Profile Mount (Right and Left)
* Suction Cup Mount
* Flex Strap Mount
* Weatherproof Carry Bag



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