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Hearing Protection - Ear Plugs
Sonic II Ear Plugs
Sonic II Hearing Protectors  NZ$36 (incl. GST)

Premium Protective Equipment for Shooting Sports

* Sonic II Protector Audiotivo.
* Internal Diaphragm Blocks Loud Impulse Noises.
* Permits Normal Conversation.
* Soft silicone rubber cushion for comfort
* Mechanical valve allows wearer to hear normal conversation, yet protects hearing fron impact sound.
* Eliminates "plugged-up" feel.
* Noise Reduction Rating: 6.0 decibels.
* One pair, regular size.
* Batteries Included.


Peltor Shooting and Hunting Earmuffs
Peltor Ultimate 10™ Earmuffs
Peltor Ultimate 10™ Earmuffs - NRR 30 dB NZ$48 (incl. GST)
Colour: Quantity:

* Model # PE97010
* Designed for use with Large Caliber or Magnum Rounds

The Peltor Ultimate 10 NRR 30 dB Earmuff in Blue provides one of the highest protection levels in the industry, so you'll barely hear a thing. With excellent attenuation, these Headphones operate at a Noise Reduction Rating of only 30 decibels, which is the lowest possible level. The dual-wall design is what allows for this maximum attenuation. Also, the Peltor Ultimate 10 Earmuff can handle maximum high and low frequency attenuation. These Peltor Earmuffs are designed for use with large caliber or magnum rounds. With pivoting cups and a padded headband, move around with ease. These Black NRR Ear Muffs, 30 dB, provide maximum comfort and top-level performance.

Type: Over-the-head
Weight: 11.2 ounces
Length: 7.0 inches
Width: 4.0 inches
Height: 12.0 inches
Colour: Black
Origin: Made in Sweden
Battery Type and Number: 4 AAA (Not Included)


Peltor Shotgunner Earmuffs
Peltor Shotgunner Earmuffs - NRR 21db NZ$38 (incl. GST)
Colour: Quantity:

* Model # PE97011

Tappered cup for the trap and skeet shooter, minimizes gun stock interference, liquid/gel filled cushions.
The ShotGunner Hearing Protection ear muffs offer a low profile to make shooting easier. The light weight (less than 7 ounces!) and thinline profile make these muffs an excellent choice for trap and skeet shooting as well as for general noise protection on the job, or around the home and yard.
These fully adjustable muffs fold up for convenient carrying or storage.
Comes in red.






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