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 Fire Maple Cooker


Fire-Maple Star FMS-X1 Star Heat Exchanger Cooking System
NZ$98 (incl. GST)

Fire-Maple's FMS-X1 Star Heat Exchanger Cooking System utilises heat exchanger technology and virtually eliminates wind interference to create a highly efficient cooking system. This type of system really comes into its own during long trips where the additional weight of the system is compensated by the weight of fuel saved.

* Model # FMS-X1
* Size:
128mm x 173mm
* Pot Capacity: 1.3L
* Material: Hard anodizing aluminum
* Components: Burner base, Heat Exchanger Pot, Silicone Cover and Bowl.
* Weight: 511g
* Heat Exchanger technology
* Integrated pot cosy
* Piezo Igniter
* Gas canister (100g) fits in pot
* Graduation marks on the inside of the pot, 250ml steps

  HIGH HEATING EFFICIENCY: Star cooking system born to be high heating efficiency. Adopting heat exchanger tech,the efficiency is improved above 30%. Used unique base metal butt welding technology for the pot body, insulated with Sponge contributie to reduce heat lost and protect your hand from burning metal.

PIEZO IGNITION: With Piezo Ignition, you can fire it very easily.Boils water in 4-5 mins(1L water).

WINDPROOF: Windshield construction keep stove from die in windy places even without a windshield.

APACE SAVING: Compact space saving design. The Stove design nests inside the pot (included) leaving you with more room in your backpack. The pot is 6.8" (height), 5" (diameter).

ALL IN ONE: FMS-X1 cooking system: stove base, pot with heat exchanger, TPE cover, bowl and fabric sleeve. All of these you can compact into a stuff sack(included).


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