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 Gamo Shawn Michaels Air Rifle
Gamo "Shawn Michaels" MRA Hunting Showstopper Air Rifle with 4x32 Scope NZ$388 (incl. GST)
Caliber: Quantity:

Includes Gamo 4x32 Air Rifle Scope, Mount and PBA Patinum Ammunition. The exclusive MRA “Showstopper” from Shawn Michaels’ MRA Hunting TV Show, features 1,400 fps with PBA Platinum Ammo and a new stock designed for the real hunters of 2013. The air rifle includes an all-weather stock with rubberized grips, ergonomic design, the SAT (Smooth Action Trigger), and SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) - the new recoil pad from Gamo that absorbs up to 74% more recoil pressure. The MRA “Showstopper” is available in .177 and has a 33mm cylinder in order to give more power and velocity to the shooter!

* Model # 61100659154
* Caliber: .177" (4.5mm)
* Ammunition: Any .177 Pellet
* Max Velocity: 1400 feet per second (fps) with PBA Platinum Pellets
* Standard Velocity: 1100 feet per second (fps) with Standard Pellets
* Airgun Mechanism: Powerful Spring Piston
* Loudness: 3-Medium
* Weight: 6.10 lbs
* Barrel Length: 18.00"
* Overall Length: 43.80"
* Magazine / Shot Capacity: 1 round(s)

  * Cocking Effort: 30 lbs.
* Barrel: Fluted Polymer Jacketed Steel
* Front Sight: None
* Rear Sight: None
* Scopeable: 11mm dovetail
* Trigger: Two-stage adjustable SAT (Smooth Action Trigger)
* Trigger Pull: 3.74 lbs
* Buttpad: Rubber
* Suggested for: Small Game Hunting / Target Shooting
* Action: Break barrel: Single Cocking System
* Safety: Manual
* Function: Single-shot
* Body Type: Rifle
* Scope Ramp: Raised Rail
* Scope: 4x32 Air Rifle Scope
* Stock: Tough All-Weather Molded Synthetic
* Butt Plate: SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) Recoil Pad with up to 74% recoil absorption
* Cheekpiece: Thin cheekpad molded on each side for both Right hand and Left hand shooters
* Checkering: Non-Slip texture design on grip and forearm
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About Gamo

In the course of over 40 years in the sector as manufacturers of rifles, pistols and pellets, Gamo have won international recognition for the quality and performance of their products. This has enabled them to become the officially approved supplier to some of the most prestigious customers in the world. Today, Gamo is the largest airgun manufacturer in Europe.

One of the reasons for Gamo's success is that they produce and inspect each of their components, from the natural treatment of all wooden parts to the high-precision boring of the barrels. Strict quality control procedures are followed to ensure the best possible product reaches you.

Every 1½ hours, each gun undergoes a thorough check. Random guns are put through their torture tests (shooting them 10,000 times). Before final packaging, every airgun is closely re-inspected. They know for certain that the product will meet the technological specification and it will function perfectly.

  Gamo Precision Air Rifles for competition, training, hunting and recreational plinking.

Gamo has many decades of experience in designing high powered adult air rifles, airguns and ammunition for small game hunting and pest control.

Gamo manufacture all of their own metal parts, including their precision rifled steel barrels. Each airgun is then meticulously inspected and tested for overall quality, power, accuracy and finish. Speed, Power, and Quality equal the Heritage of Gamo Adult Precision Airguns.

Shooters in over 80 countries all over the world use Gamo's rifles and pistols. They know that the technology that goes into Gamo is innovative and current, whilst the product is a timeless classic.


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