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 Garmin TOPO Maps NZ/AUS


Garmin TOPO Maps for New Zealand & Australia - MicroSD/SD (Version 6) NZ$120 (incl. GST)

This TOPO combo from Garmin gives you enhanced topographic detail on your compatible device whether you're in the outback or in a city either in New Zealand or Australia. Gives wide array of information - everything from terrain contours, elevations and summits to cover of perennial and intermittent lakes, rivers and streams. Get enhanced topographic detail on your compatible device whether you're in the outback or on a main boulevard in the city. This map provides a wide array of topographic information from terrain contours, elevations and summits to coverage of perennial and intermittent lakes, rivers and streams in Australia and New Zealand.

microSD™/SD™ Card Requirements:
* Make sure your device is compatible with this product before purchasing. View limitations with some marine mapping products.
* To view and use the maps on this card, you must have a device with a microSD/SD card slot. Maps on a microSD/SD card require a unit to be viewed on a computer with BaseCamp™ or HomePort™, depending on the type of map.
* Reduced price map updates are not available for these cards. If you want to update the maps, you must purchase a new card that includes the latest map data.
* The microSD/SD card package includes a microSD card and a SD card adapter.


Model # 010-C1049-00

* Garmin Preprogrammed Data Cards - The Flexible solution: Preprogrammed datacards are immediately ready for use out of the box.
* Simply unpack the card and insert it into your compatible Garmin device.
* Provides terrain contours and summit points at 10 m intervals for a more detailed view of the terrain
* Contains more than 105,000 km of tracks, roads and outback trails; also displays 4WD destinations and hydrographic features: lake/river shorelines and perennial and seasonal streams
* Includes built-in DEM data with 3-D shading and route elevation profiles on compatible devices so you can estimate terrain difficulty
* Offers updated and new searchable points of interest in urban, rural and outback areas, including lodging, restaurants, homesteads, parks, shopping and more than 4,000 camping locations
* Displays updated routable road content, by HERE, to give you turn-by-turn directions to your destination

Garmin TOPO Maps Pack Includes:
* Garmin TOPO Maps - Australia & NZ on Micro SD Card.
* SD card adapter.


About Coverage

Features digital topographic and street maps for all of Australia and New Zealand. Also includes expanded coverage for several New Zealand islands, including Antipodes, Auckland, Bounty, Campbell, Kermadec, Chatham, Lord Howe, Snares, Stewart and Three Kings.

Garmin TOPO Maps Device Compatibility
This Garmin TOPO Maps MicroSD/SD Pack is currently compatible with the following devices:
aera® 500 Edge® 800
aera® 510 Edge® 810
aera® 550 Edge® 820
aera® 560 eTrex® 20
aera® 795 eTrex® 30
Alpha® 100 eTrex® 20x
Astro® 430 eTrex® 30x
Colorado® 300 eTrex® Legend H
Colorado® 400c eTrex® Legend HCx
Dakota® 20 eTrex® Summit HC
Drive® 50LM eTrex® Touch 25
Drive® 50LMT eTrex® Touch 35
Drive® 60LM eTrex® Venture HC
Drive® 60LMT eTrex® Vista H
Drive® 51LM GPSMAP® 1020xs
Drive® 51LMT GPSMAP® 1022xsv
Drive® 61LM GPSMAP® 1222xsv
Drive® 61LMT GPSMAP® 196
DriveSmart® 50LMT GPSMAP® 296
DriveSmart® 60LMT GPSMAP® 495
DriveSmart® 70LMT GPSMAP® 496
DriveSmart® 51LMT-S GPSMAP® 60
DriveSmart® 61LMT-S GPSMAP® 60CSx
DriveAssist® 50LMT GPSMAP® 60Cx
DriveAssist® 51LMT-S GPSMAP® 62s
DriveLuxe® 50LMT GPSMAP® 62sc
DriveLuxe® 51LMT-s GPSMAP® 64
Edge® 1000 GPSMAP® 64s
Edge® 1030 GPSMAP® 64sc
Edge® 520 Plus GPSMAP® 64st
Edge® 705 GPSMAP® 66s
GPSMAP® 66st nüvi® 765
GPSMAP® 752xs nüvi® 55LM
GPSMAP® 66s nüvi® 55LMT
GPSMAP® 76 nüvi® 65LM
GPSMAP® 76CSx nüvi® 65LMT
GPSMAP® 76Cx nüvi® 2597LMT
GPSMAP® 76S nüvi® 2589LMT
GPSMAP® 78 nüvi® 2689LMT
GPSMAP® 78s nüvi® 2789LMT
GPSMAP® 78sc nüvi® 3597LMT
GPSMAP® 820xs Oregon® 200
GPSMAP® 952xs Oregon® 300
GPSMAP® 96 Oregon® 400c
GPSMAP® 96C Oregon® 400t
Montana® 610 Oregon® 600
Montana® 650t Oregon® 600t
Montana® 680t Oregon® 650
Monterra® Oregon® 700
nüvi® 1390T Oregon® 750t
nüvi® 1450T Rino® 650
nüvi® 1490T Rino® 700
nüvi® 2497LMT Rino® 750
nüvi® 255 zūmo® 350LM
nüvi® 255W ZUMO® 390LM
nüvi® 265T ZUMO® 395LM
nüvi® 265W ZUMO® 590LM
nüvi® 265WT ZUMO® 595LM
nüvi® 5000 zūmo® 660
nüvi® 760  
Screenshot Examples from the Garmin TOPO Maps Pack for NZ & Australia


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