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 Hunters Element Bareback
Hunters Element Bareback Jacket in Moss Green

Hunters Element Bareback Jacket - Moss Green NZ$220 (incl. GST)
Only Limited Sizes Left!

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Another new addition to the 2012 Range is the Bareback Jacket. The Bareback is our base model, bare essentials raincoat. The Bareback coat has been designed as a very affordable, no nonsense jacket that will keep you very warm and very dry. Three layer Waterproof and Windproof, Breathable material ensures you keep dry as a bone inside while the rain pours down around you. The Jacket is fully seam sealed using heat treated adhesive to ensure it remains water tight even after extensive use.


Sizes: Only Size 2XL Left!   
Waterproof and breathable 3 layer brushed tricot fabric
Moss Green
* Seam sealed
* Fixed hood with TunnelTECH™ hood and peripheral vision adjustments with one touch pullers
* Two large pockets
* Seamless shoulders
* Single slider main zipper

Hunters Element - More Pictures of and Information on the Bareback Jacket

The outer layer of the Bareback is an Moss Green, brushed tricot fabric that is extremely quiet. This makes the jacket perfect for sneaking through the bush, dry or wet. The brushed tricot on this jacket is a heavy duty layer which makes the Bareback a really tough bit of clothing that is perfectly suited to handle the abuse that comes with rubbing up against trees and foliage, in the effort to crawl and scramble through thick New Zealand and Australian bush.

Two large pockets feature on the coat which once again consists of fully waterproof material. We’ve designed them with a bit of thought put in to it and have got them so they’re ideal for fitting the hunting essentials in, specifically bino’s, cameras and  ammo. A clever waist cord situated just above these pockets is the key to keeping warm in this jacket. With this pulled up tight and the zip done all the way up, the heat you’re core produces is trapped inside the jacket making you a lot more comfortable.

The single slide YKK zip is fully concealed by a generous sized flap, again made from the same waterproof material. This ensures that there is no chance of water creeping in the sides of the zip. Velcro strap cuffs are used to create a tight seal around the wrist to stop water trickling down your arm and simultaneously keep the warm pocket of air inside. We have decided to stay away from neoprene cuffs, unlike a lot of other manufacturers as we’ve found that these tend to hold water for a lot longer than the other materials. This means they take longer to dry out than the rest of the jacket and are the first to start going rotten and smell after a bit of abuse.

The shoulders of the Bareback are seamless, as this is where a lot of the abuse and stretching happens in hunting jackets. On top of them sits a fixed hood. The fixed hood is made with TunnelTECH peak and peripheral vision adjustments, with one touch pullers. This hood allows you to adjust it to suit your own head with a good sized peak that keeps the rain off your face and generous recesses on the sides to allow you to keep a wide range of peripheral vision.

The new Bareback Jacket is in stores now and with all the important features of a quality rain coat plus a few more, we think you’ll find this product quite impressive. But what’s even more impressive is the price!

Bareback is a bare essentials rain coat, simple and effective. It will keep the rain out and warmth in.

Hunters Element - Three Layer System Information

System Wide Compatibility
- Layering is the most efficient way of controlling body temperature and comfort in your environment. The Hunters Element clothing range is designed to be worn in any configuration which sets it apart from the others. They call this System Wide Compatiblity or logical.

The Three Layers Consist of:

1 - The Prime Base Layer
* Comfortable next to skin
* Wick moisture away from your skin
* Quick Drying
* Warm in winter and cool in summer
* High breathability
* Resist odour causing bacteria

2 - The Furnace Insulation Layer

* Middle Insulation layer
* Warmth Management

* High Wicking Ability
* Needs to dry fast
* High loft for warmth
* High breathability
* Resist odour causing bacteria
* Durable

3 - The Barrier Shell Layer
* Outer Shell layer
* Wind and Rain Protection
* Block wind, rain and snow
* Warmth management
* Needs to dry quickly
* Ultra Packable
* DWR treatment to minimise fabric saturation


The Above Product is a Barrier Shell Layer Product

Hunters Element - Clothing Sizing
Chest (Jacket)
Waist (Jacket and Trouser)
Waist (Inseam)
85-90cm or 33-35"
71-74cm or 28-29"
90-95cm or 35-37"
76-79cm or 30-31"
95-100cm or 37-39"
81-84cm or 32-33"
100-105cm or 39-41"
86-89cm or 34-35"
105-110cm or 41-43"
91-94cm or 36-37"
110-115cm or 43-45"
96-99cm or 38-39"
115-120cm or 45-47"
101-104cm or 40-41"
120-125cm or 47-49"
106-109cm or 42-43"
125-130cm or 49-51"
111-114cm or 44-45"
130-135cm or 51-53"
116-120cm or 46-47"


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