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 LED Lenser H14R.2

LED Lenser H14R.2 Rechargeable Headlamp NZ$288
(incl. GST)

* Model # LED7299-R
* Designation: Xtreme Power LED
* LED-Configuration:
1 x Xtreme Power LED
* Weight: 340 g
* Luminous flux: 850 lm*
* Luminous range: 300 lm*
* Luminous period: 40 h**0
* Head Diameter: 37mm
* Batteries: Li-ion (rechargeable)
* Energy Tank: 16.3 Wh

* Brightness (Boost): 850 lumens
* Brightness (High):  350 lumens
* Brightness (Low):  60 lumens
* Burn Time (Boost):  6 hours
* Burn Time (High):  10 hours
* Burn Time (Low):  40 hours
* Beam Range (Boost):  300 m
* Beam Range (High): 200 m
* Beam Range (Low): 50 m
* Batteries:  4 x AAA
* Water resistance:  IPX4


The rechargeable LED Lenser® H14R has, until now, been the brightest headlamp our H series had to offer. This new version increases the brightness from 220 (H14R) to up to 850 Lumen*. In this way, the new LED Lenser® H14R.2 delivers an exceptional lighting performance that satisfies the requirements of expeditions, aid rescuers and is more than sufficient for ambitious hiking needs. The following features add to the convincing concept of the lamp: The ergonomic shape of the lamp, the easy handling of the new switch, and the possibility to add an additional rechargeable battery via an USB port. Thanks to this option, you can add rechargeable batteries to extend the lighting duration of the LED Lenser® H14R.2 almost indefinitely. The multiple function "wheel switch" on the battery compartment can also be switched as a rear light or can be used to show the battery capacity.

An upgraded version of LED Lenser's rechargeable H14R with an unbelievable amount of light. It has a number of additional features that also make it smarter, more durable and user-friendly than its predecessor.

The maximum output of the H14R.2 has increased by a whooping 280% to a staggering 850 lumens, while the beam range has extended to 300 metres (compared to 210m previously). With the new Li-Ion battery, the burn time has also extended significantly.

The design of the H14R.2 means that LED Lenser's patented Advanced Focus System now performs even better, with a stunning evenly lit floodlight providing better illumination at close range and a significantly wider focused area in the long-distance beam. There is still seamless transition between the two. You can customise the H14R.2 to suit your exact needs with Smart Light Technology, which offers 3 light programmes (offering 5 different functions) along with 2 energy modes. The multi-function wheel switch on the battery box makes it easy to switch between light programmes plus offers seamless dimming and the ability to change the flashing rate of the signal function.

Other additional features are an optional rear safety light, a battery indicator that lets you know how much life your batteries have left plus a built-in port for easy recharging. For ultimate convenience it also operates on standard AA batteries.



Smart Light Technology

* 3 light programs with 5 light options (High Power, Low Power, Boost, Dim, Signal)
* 2 energy modes (Constant Current and Energy Saving)

Advanced Focus System
Allows easy changing between broad floodlight and focused long distance beam

Low Battery Message System
* Light will blink 3 times every 15 seconds to indicate low battery

Multi-function 'wheel' switch at back
* Controls the dim function - light intensity of low power, high power and boost functions can be adjusted (as low as 5 lumens) by turning the wheel
* Controls the flashing rate of signal function (from blink to strobe)

Back safety light
* Option of red or blinking

Battery indicator
* Wheel switch LED glows for 5 seconds when first turned on to show battery level

Transport Lock

* Prevents the light from being switched on by accident - great in a pack

Redesigned flexible cabling

* Areas exposed to strain are now a lot tougher and more flexible, even at low temperatures

* Luminous flux (lumen) or beam distance range (in meters) is measured using the setting specified in the table on switching on with a set of fresh alkaline batteries (H14.2) or a fully charged rechargeable batteries (H14R.2). These are average values which may deviate by +/- 15 % for each individual case according to chip and batteries/rechargeable batteries.

** Average burn time at the lowest setting (Low-Power) up to a luminous flux of 1 lumen.

*** Calculated capacity value in Watt hours (Wh). This applies to the fully intact charged energy storage contained in the relevant article in the delivered state.

More Information on the LED Lenser H14R.2 Headlamp


Boost: If the switch is pushed only once, the lamp for a short time shines brighter than it does when in continuous operation mode (Boost). This function also enables you to send individual signal sequences (Morse code)
Dim: Stageless adjustment between 15 % and 100 % enables you to choose the desired light intensity.
Low Power: This function makes dazzle-free reading and working as easy as pie. Light output is dimmed down to approx. 15 %, which also makes for a considerably extended burning life.
Power: High light output for any situation.
Pulse: Flashing rate is infinitely adjustable from Blink to Strobe.

Morse / Tactical Task: This function enables you to send individual signal sequences.

Blink: Light pulses are emitted automatically in regular intervals. This function enables you to signal your position, for example.

S.O.S.: In case of an emergency, the lamp’s SOS function can call help to your side. The signal is visible for several kilometers, which increases the chance of being rescued.

Defence Strobe:
Personal safety was the basic idea behind this function. High-frequency light flashes (Strobes) are a quick and effective method of self-defence. In the field of non-lethal weapons, even the US army banks on this technology.

  Smart Light Technology (SLT) now included in H7 series: Already found on many LED Lenser models, the new H14.2 and H15R.2 now feature Smart Light
Technology (SLT), which enables you to switch between 3 light programmes and offers 5 different
light functions (100% light, 15% light, signal, dim, boost). The SLT functions are controlled by both the lighting unit switch (on/off button) and the multi-function wheel switch.
Advanced Focus System: LED Lenser have reconciled lens and reflector, Galilei and Newton, and make use of the advantages of both systems. The development of the reflector-lens, i.e. a combination of reflector and lens ( AFS), enables us to “tailor-make” light with an efficiency that amazes even experts. The Advanced Focus System allows for stageless transition from homogeneous, circular low beam to sharply focused long-distance beam. AFS has been patented at home and abroad

Speed Focus: Speed Focus, the one-hand slide focusing mechanism, is fast, reliable and vastly superior to conventional swivel mechanisms. Adjust the light cone quickly and comfortably with only one hand!

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