LED Lenser X14 Torch
LED Lenser X14 Torch NZ$285 (incl. GST)

Model # 8415
2 x High End Power LEDs
Length 181 mm
Weight 420 g
Luminous flux 450 lm*
Energy Tank: 16.8 Wh
Batteries 4 x AA
Burning life 10 h*
Beam Range: 350m*

A remarkable lamp head with two synchronized light sources (X-LENS Technology) is the most outstanding feature of the X14. This focusable LED lamp from the LED Lenser® Xtreme series achieves an impressive light output. Up to 450 lumens radiate from the lamp head, converging to form a focusable, circular light cone. Three light programs with up to eight light functions (Smart Light Technology) allow for individual configuration. Because of its light programs, the X14 is not only suitable for sports and hobby purposes, but also for security personnel or for tactical applications.


* Patented Advanced Focus System
* Speed Focus with Lock Function
* X-Lens Technology (XLT), two reflector lenses
* Micro-controlled Smart Light Technology (SLT)
* 8 light functions
* Splash Proof
* 2 High End Power LED's
* Includes Intelligent Clip
* Includes 4 x AA batteries

More Information on the LED Lenser X (High Performance) Series
X-Lens Technology: The job of a technological leader is to develop leading technology. If one combines a leading technology with a good portion of fascination, sometimes the outcome is a piece of magic. The X-LENS technology multiplies the advantages of our Advanced Focus Systems (AFS) and lifts the result into a new and light qualitative dimension. Once again we optimized our lenses, with help of complex computer calculations, in order to receive a cluster of perfectly synchronized beams. The precision and the brightness of not only one, but nearly any amount of refl ector lenses contribute to a sheer unbelievable light experience. The result of a high-grade homogeneous, stage-like fl oodlight, as well as the sharpest bundled high beam, is as much a surprise as it is graceful.   The X Series offers lamps for those who like superlatives. Particularly the focusable X21 shows the striking light output that can be created by employing seven chips. With this lamp, illumining large areas and achieving impressive ranges are child’s play.
More Pictures of the LED Lenser X14 Torch


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