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 Leupold LTO-HD Tracker

Leupold LTO-Tracker HD Thermal Viewer SPECIAL! WAS NZ$1850 NOW NZ$1550 (incl. GST)
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Compact and light enough to take on even the farthest backcountry hunt, your LTO-Tracker HD™ shows you the heat signature of game, blood trails, and more — day or night. The new LTO-Tracker HD takes thermal to another level: the 2nd generation thermal sensor detects heat out to 750 yards. Like a good knife, binoculars, and a rangefinder, it’s essential gear.

Enhanced with a higher resolution thermal sensor and an AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass, Leupold's LTO Tracker HD Thermal Monocular allows hunters and outdoors enthusiasts to understand their surroundings better, detect wildlife, or recover game. Whether day or night, it detects people and animals through smoke, fog, and dust.

Built around its 320 x 240 uncooled thermal sensor, the monocular's sensitivity operates in the long-wave infrared spectrum (from 5.1 to 12.4µm), allowing it to differentiate between temperatures from -40 to 572°F. With its 1.2" round 390 x 390-pixel color AMOLED display (protected with Gorilla Glass) and digital reticle, it delivers images in eight different color palettes at a refresh rate of greater than 25 Hz.

For ease of use and versatility in the field, the device offers a simple three-button menu that gives you a full range of options, zooming, and the digital reticle. To simplify things, the optics are focused at infinity and will deliver a horizontal field of view of 24°. To provide you with the freedom to take it anywhere and anytime, the monocular measures 5.6" in length and can easily fit into your pocket.

The waterproof housing is made of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, and has a rubberized covering for a non-slip grip. The front end also has a crenelated bezel to protect the objective from damage.

Please Note:

* This product is not designed to handle firearm recoil.
* The reticle feature on this product is not adjustable.
* Any warranty return that indicates the product was mounted to a firearm will void the warranty.


* Model # 174906
* Display Resolution: 390 x 390 px
* Thermal Sensor:
320 x 240
* Digital Zoom: 6x
* Field of View: 18.1°@1.6x / 4.9°@6x
* Operating Temperature: -4°F to 140°F
* Frame Rate: >25 hz
* Weight: 7 oz.
* Focus: Fixed
* Display: 1.2" Round AMOLED with Gorilla Glass Cover
* Detection Distance: 750 yards
* Colour Palettes: 8 options
* Startup Time: < 4 seconds
* Battery: CR123
* Battery Life: Minimum 3 hours @ 25C

Thermal Sensor/Display/Optical Performance Features:
* 2nd-generation uncooled thermal sensor
* 320 x 240 resolution
* 25 Hz refresh rate
* Spectral response: 5.1 - 12.4µm
* Detects temperature from -40 to 572°F
* 1.2'-diameter AMOLED color display with Gorilla glass offers 390 x 390 resolution
* Continuous 6x digital zoom
* Focus fixed at infinity
* 24° horizontal angle of view
* Unlimited eye relief

Use and Handling Features:
* Digital reticle
* 8 color palettes: copper, range, red, green, black hot, white hot, black highlight, and white highlight
* Easy-to-use three-button control pad
* Less than 4-second startup

Construction Features:
* Aluminum housing
* Rubberized eyepiece ring
* Crenelated protective bezel on the objective
* Not for mounting on firearms
* Operating temperature range: -4 to 140°F
* Waterproof


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