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Trail Cameras/Camcorders  

  Photo and Video Recording Devices
Trail Cameras - Little Acorn
Camcorders - Spypoint
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Little Acorn Trail Cameras

Little Acorn Trail Camera in Camouflage
Little Acorn Camo Trail Camera - 12 Megal Pixel NZ$365 (incl. GST)

Model # Ltl-Acorn-5210A

This little “scout” is a jack-of-all-trades. It is a trail camera for hunting. With its Periodic Shot function, it also can be used to observe cold-blooded animals like lizards and natural events like flowering. In addition, it can serve as motion-triggered security camera for home, office, or community surveillance purpose.

A compact scouting camera in a camouflaged case with some pretty amazing features: 3+ month battery life, a sensor and invisible IR night vision range of 65ft, programmable 5 or 12 Mega Pixel, DVD quality video (640x480), time stamp, security code, high quality photos, video, time lapse option, temperature, moon phase, unique triple sensor - primes the camera to give a 1second trigger and a large LCD for picture and video playback.  We supply the latest version with 12MP interpolation and many additional features (password, full TFT and 12MP)



Spypoint Camcorders / Action Cameras

SpyPoint Action Camera in Camouflage

Spypoint XCEL HD 1080p Hunting Action Camera - 5 Megal Pixel
 NZ$565 (incl. GST)
Colour: Quantity:

Hunt Edition kit includes – Camera; Camo waterproof housing; bow mount; scope mount; slide adaptor; head strap mount; quick release stands x 2; remote control; carry case; lithium-ion battery; lens protector; HDMI & USB cables; lens cleaning cloth and wrist strap

Spypoint's 5MP XCel HD Hunting Action Camera records full-HD 1080p footage of your adventures. Wide-angle 170° lens captures all your hunting action. Control camera manually or with the included remote control. Universally mountable. Photo, video and time lapse modes.

* Color:
* XCel HD Hunting Action Camera with waterproof camo case
* Wide-angle 170° lens captures all your hunting action
* Control manually or with included remote control
* Works with Micro SD cards




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