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 Leupold VX-6HD 1-6x24 MultiGun

Leupold® VX-6HD™ 1-6x24mm (30mm) CDS-ZL2 Dial MultiGun Matte Black Riflescope - illum. CM-R2 and FireDot BDC Reticles NZ$2,485 (incl. GST)
Reticle: Colour: Quantity:

Model # 171555 - illuminated CM-R2 Reticle
Model # 171556 - illuminated FireDot BDC Reticle

They say slow is smooth and smooth is fast, but the VX-6HD 1-6x24 Multigun is just plain fast. With a true 1 power, a removable throw lever, and incredibly quick CM-R2 reticle, the competition will be wondering what hit them. The 1-6’s edge-to-edge clarity gives you outstanding brightness, color consistency, and resolution. This means dominating any stage in any environment. The wide zoom range and our latest technology, which includes an in-scope electronic reticle level, CDS-ZL2 Zero Lock elevation dial, and removable throw lever, make your VX-6HD the most versatile Leupold riflescope ever made.

* 2nd Generation Argon/Krypton Waterproofing
* 30mm Maintube
* 6:1 Zoom Ratio
* Blackened Lens Edges
* CDS Custom Dial System
* CDS-ZL2 Zero Lock Adjustment with Revolution Indicator
* Electronic Reticle Level
* Extended Battery Life
* Extreme Fast-Focus Eyepiece
* FireDot Illumination
* Generous Eyebox

* Guard-Ion Rain Shedding Coating
* Lead Free


Features Continued:
* Motion Sensor Technology
* Push Button Illumination
* Reversible Throw Lever
* Twilight Max Light Management System
* Twin Bias Spring Erector System
* Zero Lock Windage Adjustment

* Model # 171555 - illuminated CM-R2 Reticle
* Model # 171556 - illuminated FireDot BDC Reticle

* Magnification: 1 - 6x
* Objective Lens Diameter: 24mm
* Finish/Colour: Matte Black
* Dial System: Zero Lock 2 turn 1/4 MOA Dial System
* Parallax: None
* Weight: 13.4 oz / 380 g
* Linear Field of View (ft/100 yd): 123.2 ft (Low) to 20.3 ft (High)
* Linear Field of View (m/100 m): 41.07 m (Low) to 6.76 m (High)
* Eye Relief (in): 3.70 in (Low) to 3.82 in (High)
* Eye Relief (mm): 94 mm (Low) to 97 mm (High)
* Elevation Adjustment Range (MOA): 170
* Elevation Adjustment Range (MIL): 49.5
* Windage Adjustment Range (MOA): 170
* Windage Adjustment Range (MIL): 49.5
* Exit Pupil (mm): 4.0 (High)
* Length: 10.76 in / 27.3 cm
* Tube Length/Mounting Space: 6.76 in / 17.2 cm
* Eyepiece Length: 3.31 in
* Objective Diameter: 1.18 in
* Eyepiece Diameter: 1.80 in
* Tube Diameter: 1.18 in / 30 mm

More Information on the Leupold® VX-6HD™ Riflescopes
2nd Generation Argon/Krypton Waterproofing

Features Leupold's exclusive, proprietary Argon/Krypton gas blend, which nearly eliminates the effects of thermal shock, and reduces the diffusion of gases sealed inside your scope even more than Leupold's proven nitrogen technology already does.
  6:1 Zoom Ratio

A powerful 6:1 zoom ratio delivers crystal clear images from edge-to-edge throughout the entire magnification range, and the Twin Bias Spring Erector System features berylium/copper alloy leaf springs and 30% more holding force to withstand the most intense recoil and abuse.

Electronic Reticle Level

Shoot your VX-6HD more accurately at longer distances by using the easy-to-use Electronic Reticle Level. Activate the level by holding down the illumination push button for 15 seconds, and repeat to deactivate. The level feature also temporarily deactivates illumination when you rotate the scope over 30 degrees, so you can lay the rifle on its side to save battery power.  


CDS-ZL2 Zero Lock Adjustment with Revolution Indicator

The CDS-ZL2 elevation adjustment dials easily for quick sight-in and to set for target ranges. Press the ZeroLock button to release and dial as much as 38MOA elevation. Dial back to zero and the lock snaps back into place automatically, ensuring correct re-zero and that the dial cannot accidentally move.

Generous Eyebox

Get on target faster so you can take the shot of a lifetime. Even at higher powers, the longer eye relief and generous eyebox provides incredible head position latitude, edge-to-edge brightness, and a full clear sight picture that fills the eyepiece completely.
  FireDot Illumination

Our powered fiber optic reticle technology provides the perfect blend of daylight illumination and optimal light transmission and contrast for low light hunting situations.

Twin Bias Spring Erector System

The twin bias spring exerts up to 30 percent more holding force on the erector, virtually eliminating erector system backlash and stress on the vital internal workings of the scope, for longer life.


MST (Motion Sensor Technology)

Proprietary MST (Motion Sensor Technology) automatically deactivates illumination after 5 minutes of inactivity, yet reactivates instantly as soon as any movement is detected. 


30mm Maintube

The 30mm maintube offers incredible strength and allows for the greater range of windage and elevation adjustment.


Guard-Ion Rain Shedding Coating

Our Guard-Ion rain shedding coating is extremely durable, scratch resistant, and sheds water, dirt, and fingerprints.


Reversible Throw Lever

The reversable throw lever clamps onto VX-6HD power selector to provide leverage for fast magnification changes, left or right handed.


Alumina Flipback Lens Covers Included

Includes our high-quality Alumina® flip-back lens covers.


Zero Lock Windage Adjustment

ZeroLock prevents unintended adjustments and ensures an accurate return to zero.  Fast and easy to use.

  Scratch Resistant Lenses

Outer lens surfaces are scratch resistant to military standard extreme abrasion specification.

Twilight Max HD Light Management System

Resolve finer details at longer ranges in the widest range of weather and lighting conditions throughout the day.  Engineered to be the industry standard of performance, the Twilight Max HD Light Management System combines exceptional light transmission and glare management to provice vivid, bright, high contrast images from dawn until dusk.


Push Button Illumination

One button brightness control with a high/low indicator keeps it simple.

6061-T6 Aircraft Quality Aluminum

Crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum.

Reticles for the Leupold® VX-6HD™ 1-6x24mm MultiGun Riflescope

CM-R2 (Illuminated) Reticle

CM-R2 (Illuminated) Reticle Description:
* Designed with the needs of competition shooters and close to mid-range engagements.
* Red illuminated semi-circle for great contrast in low-light conditions and fast target acquisition.
* Semi-circle has a 7.5 MOA outer diameter and a 5 MOA inner diameter, with a 0.5 MOA center dot.
* Based on M855 5.56/.223 REM ballistics; 62gr round traveling 2810 FPS.
* Includes wind holds up to 15 MPH.
* Features a 200 meter zero with hold-overs out to 900 meters.
* Integrated with Leupold’s own Motion Sensor Technology (MST).


FireDot BDC (Illuminated) Reticle

FireDot BDC (Illuminated) Reticle Features:
* Designed with input from top 3-gun shooters.
* Bullet drop compensation out to 600 yards.
* Ballistics based on a 55gr round at 3100 feet per second.
* Fiber-optic powered center green-dot.
* Multiple brightness settings for changing conditions.
* FireDot Technology brings your eye to the center of the reticle for quick target acquisition.
* Features Leupold’s own Motion Sensor Technology (MST).
* Intended to be used on highest magnification in a rear or 2nd focal plane scope.

More Pictures of the Leupold® VX-6HD™ 1-6x24mm MultiGun Riflescope


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