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 Ridgeline Drag Bag


Ridgeline Drag Bag NZ$140 (incl. GST)
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The Olive Ridgeline Drag Bag is designed to fit your rifle and all your accessories. It comes with padded shoulder straps, a detachable drag hood, internal weapon securing straps and stock support pockets. The Ridgeline drag bag has sturdy zip and protective zip flap. Large removable external utility pocket which can be detached to be used as a day sack. The day sack has the option of carrying magazines in the securing straps and also plenty of room for carrying additional clothing meet every shooters need.

The bag is secured and held together by 3D clips and a two way zip, internally the rifle is the held still and securely by 3 clips which are adjustable.Perfect for the field or on the range. This drag bag boasts transport features and comfort. Made of rough, durable 600D fabric. Pockets. Folds up easily. A must-have for every serious shooter. Ridgeline’s Drag Bag has been especially designed for serious shooters. Can alos be used as a rifle carry bag, a sniper style drag bag or a tough shooting mat. Made of heavy duty canvas / denier and fitted with high density padding for protection for your valued firearm. Supplied with loads of webbing loops for the addition of all your accessories and also has a removable ammo pouch with loops for 10 rounds of 308. Detatchable  heavy duty adjustable sling with padded shoulder pad included. Do not compromise when it comes to your pride and joy.  Grab Ridgeline drag bag now and be the standout in the crowd.


* Size: 135 x 85cm (open)
* Colour: Olive
* 1" Webbing staps (for attaching accessories)
* Large velcro pouch
* Removable ammo pouch
* Muzzle sleeve/bipod arrester
* Quick release butt flap
* Tie-down strap (for firearm)
* Carry handle
* Removable shoulder sling
* Heavy duty construction

* Cleaning rod storage compartment 
* 1 large front pocket - detachable day bag
* Pouch at base of case ideal for binoculars, certificates etc
* Hideaway rucksack straps 
* 3 D clip securing system with two way zip 
* Rucksack straps are removeable to fit day sack 

What is a Dragbag you ask? Well Ridgeline 'borrowed' the design from military snipers who use a protected, semi-rigid sleeve for their highly accurate rifles to tow behind them while crawling through scrub for that all important 'one shot'. Seems a bit over the top? Ridgeline's civillian version still makes a very good, protected cover for your firearm and with accessory loops, you'll have everything you need for a day on the range in the one place. It even folds open into a 3/4 size shooting mat - one bag that does it all.

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About Ridgeline

Ridgeline began life as a New Zealand owned and operated specialist outdoor clothing brand at the hands of Peter Maxwell. In mid-1993 Peter began working on the first Ridgeline designs and the product range was a successfully launched in the March/April 1994 issue of NZ Guns & Hunting magazine. Prior to commencing Ridgeline, Peter had manufactured his own range of tough motorcycle and motocross clothing, which gave him a hands-on insight into what Kiwi outdoors people needed - clothing that was warm, light, comfortable and able to handle a lot of very rough treatment.

In the early years the Ridgeline brand achieved a high level of acceptance with New Zealand hunters, but Peter's time was always divided between his manufacturing and magazine editing tasks, which meant that Ridgeline did not always recieve the attention it deserved. So when Cameron Sports Imports Ltd. indicated an interest in acquiring the Ridgeline brand, the deal was done. Since then, with innovation and hard work the brand has grown exponetially - becoming a market leader in the Australasian hunting clothing scene and now branching further afield into the likes of Southern Africa and Western Europe.

The Ridgeline philosophy has been consistent from the early beginnings until now - to ensure that comfortable, durable performance outdoor clothing should be affordable. With grass roots in the rugged New Zealand Mountains, Ridgeline has developed a specialist range of fabrics to suit just about any challenge your environment can throw at you. With the characteristic Ridgeline 'Big Four'- Warmth, Comfort, Durability & Functionality, combined with superior designs and its own 'Hide & Seek' Buffalo Camo, Ridgeline is a market leader and the choice of many hunting and outdoor enthusiasts alike.




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