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Instructions for Purchasing Firearms
Please note that our firearms are for New Zealand Only. All firearms and ammunition need to be ordered through the manual order form that you can access from the following link - the order form also needs to be signed by a police officer: Firearm And Ammunition Purchase Form
Once you have completed the order form and have it signed by a police officer you can complete the purchase of the firearms or ammunition in any of the following four ways:
1 - Post the form to 62 Costley Street, Carterton, 5713, New Zealand
2 - Fax the form to 06-379-6689
3 - Scan and email the form to
4 - Email, post or fax the form to us and order and pay for the firearms or ammunition online via our Secure Order Form

Ruger M77 Mark II

Since its introduction in 1968, the original Ruger M77 and its descendents have been recognised as the leader in the field of centre fire bolt action rifles.

Unique Ruger diagonal front-screw bedding system firmly anchors the receiver downward end rearward into the stock.
- One-piece bolt with controlled feed.
- Available in blued and stainless steel.
- All have hammer forged barrels
- Cut-checkered American walnut, laminated hardwood or All-Weather synthetic stocks
- Patented integral scope mounting system.
- Steel scope rings.
- Three position safety that allows both locking the bolt and the ability to load or unload with the safety engaged.

Ruger M77 Mark II Blued/Walnut
Code: RU 77MK2R

Blued - American Walnut Stock with 1" scope rings, 3 position safety, 22" bbl for all calibres except 7mm Mag and 300 Mag with 24" bbls.
Most calibers from .223 to 300 Mag
Ruger M77 Mark II Stainless Steel - Synthetic
Code: RU K77RP

Stainless - Synthetic Stock, complete with 1" scope rings, 3 position safety.
All have 22" bbl, except for the .204 Ruger, 7mm Mag, 300 Mag and the 338 Mag which have the 24" bbl.
All models have an Integral Base Receiver complet with Ruger 1" Steel Scope Rings.
Most calibers from .223 to 300 Mag.
  NEW: Ruger M77 Mark II .204 Stainless Steel Synthetic
Code: RU K77RP

Sturm Ruger & Co Inc announces the arrival of the NEW .204 Ruger cartridge. At 4,225 feet per second, this powerful, accurate, flat-shooting cartridge will give incredibly swift performance without shortening barrel fire.
All with 1" rings, most calibers from .223 to 300 Mag.
Ruger M77 Mark II Stainless Steel Laminated
Code: RU K77RBZ

Stainless - Laminated Stock, complete with Ruger 1" steel scope rings.
For those who seek the best of both worlds, with stability and toughness for real hard use!
Most calibers from .223 to 300 Mag.
Ruger Ultra Light Model

Ruger Ultra Light Model Blued/Walnut

Code: RU 77MK2RL

Blued - American Walnut Stock with 1" scope rings, 20" bbl, weight approx 6 lb. Calibers: .223 .243 .270 .308 .3006
Ruger Ultra Light Model Stainless Steel Synthetic
Code: RU K77RLP

Stainless - Synthetic stonck, with 1" scope rings, 20" bbl, weight approx 6 1/2 lbs.
Calibers: .243 .270 .3006 7mm08
Ruger 77RSM Magnum Rifle
The Ruger Magnum rifle is the most modern yet traditional embodiment of the bolt-action rifle and every detail of its construction shows unequalled refinement of design and finish. For the discriminating Hunter who demands the most of himself and his equipment, the Ruger Magnum has no peer.

The barrel and matte sighting rib are painstakingly machined from a single bar of steel - a luxury only offered by Ruger. The solid rib incorporates folding-leaf express sights and is fully machined to accept Ruger steel scope rings included with the rifle.
Ruger 77RSM Magnum Rifle - with solid rib
Code: RU 77RSM

Magnum - Circassian Walnut with live rubber recoil pad, metal grip cap. Blade front, V-notch rear express sights (one stationary, two folding) drift adjustable for windage.
Calibers: 375 H+H and 416 Rigby

Ruger No.1

Ruger No. 1

Code: RU NO1

- American Walnut checkered stock. Single shot rifle.
Models: 1A, 1B, 1H, 1s, 1V

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