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 Sherpa Gloves
Sherpa Polypropylene Brushed Gloves NZ$25 (incl. GST)
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Keep your hands warm. Sherpa’s polypropylene gloves are lightweight, compact and are brushed on the inside for additional comfort and fleecy warmth.

Because they are compact, they are also excellent liners for ski gloves, or climber’s mitts in colder conditions. They dry quickly when wet. Great for all outdoor activity.

Sizes: XS - XL
Fabric: Polypropylene
Colours: Black


Features of Sherpa Thermal Wear:
* Superior warmth
* Ultra soft to the touch
* Lightweight and comfortable (190 gsm fabric)
* Excellent moisture management
* Excellent freedom of movement
* Raglan sleeve in the tops means no shoulder seams and no chaffing when carrying a pack. It also means that you won’t expose your midriff when raising your arms or reaching for high objects.
* Gusseted crotch in the pants provides freedom of movement and extra comfort
* Machine washable, quick drying and colour fast
* Aqua phobic fabric that is insensitive to stains and chemicals

More Info on Sherpa Polypropylene Thermals

Sherpa Thermals are the ideal base layer. Worn snugly and close to the skin they keep you warm, dry and comfortable.  You will always perform at your best when walking, running, cycling, kayaking, bushwalking, hiking, climbing, skiing, or just hanging out in cooler conditions.

Sherpa's PCD II Polypropylene has the lowest thermal conductivity of any traditional fabric, allowing your body to retain its natural heat. It keeps you dry because polypropylene does not absorb moisture. Any moisture generated through physical exertion is wicked away from the body, leaving a warm layer of air next to the skin.

PCD II Polypropylene is also very lightweight and extremely quick to dry, making it easy to keep fresh for multi-day users. It is also significantly softer than other polypropylenes and has an almost cotton like feel to it. It is extremely comfortable to wear.

What's more, only Sherpa are able to print patterns on polypropylene and can therefore offer you a great range of prints as part of our PCD II Polypropylene range.


About Sherpa: Sherpa are all about performance, comfort and design. Their products are designed with you in mind. Active, outdoors people, engaged in physical activity and wanting the very best in comfort and performance from your gear.

Be it walking, running, cycling, kayaking, bushwalking, hiking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, or just hanging out in the great outdoors, Sherpa’s products are all designed to perform to your particular requirements.

Comfort is extremely important at Sherpa. Their products are often worn for days on end in extreme conditions and they must remain comfortable without any decrease in performance.

Of course, great performance and comfort both come from good design. Sherpa use only the right fabrics applied in the best possible ways, so that their products provide long term all round quality.


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