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 Sims Limbsaver Shooting Pad
Sims Limbsaver Protective Shooting Pad NZ$70 (incl. GST)

SIMS is all about comfort, shock control and accuracy. The new Protective Shooting Pad with SIMS technology brings it all home for the long gun shooter. The Shooting Pad features SIMS award-winning, break-away technology with a removable system manufactured with SIMS' proprietary NAVCOM™ material. This insert is designed with variable-sized nodes that disperse recoil better than any other material available today. The outer unit is rugged and attractive for both hunter or range shooter. Easy to wear, the one size fits most Shooting pad features a single-point, snap-in-lock and simple adjusting strap for a perfect fit and is reversible for either right or left hand shooters. To shoot longer, to shoot better and cushion recoil pain, strap on LimbSaver comfort.



Model # 90102

Reduces up to 50% of Felt Recoil
* One Size Fits All
* Right- or Left-Handed
* Perfect for Extended Shooting Sessions
* Black
* Shipping Weight: 1.125lbs

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