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Highland & Barnaul Ammunition    



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Highland - Ammunition

Commitment to Quality
Highland ammunition is produced using the latest manufacturing processes and technology availabe. With over 75 years manufacturing experience and quality that is world renowned, Highland ammunition meets and exceeds all C.I.P. and SAAMI standards.

Development and testing throughout the world ensures that Highland ammunition remains at the cutting edge of technological advancements and will continue to offer the latest and most comprehensive range of ammunition and components.

Highland Rifle Ammunition
Highland Rifle Ammunition
20 Rounds per Box
Velocity fps

Highland AX Small Game Cartridges are designed for use on small game such as fox, rabbit, hare, feral cat and other small vermin. Available in 22 Hornet, 222 Rem, 223 Rem and 22-250 Win.


#HR22H  22 Hornet 45gr SP  NZ$26
#HR222B  222 50gr SP  NZ$26
#HR223B  223 55gr SP  NZ$25
#HR22250B  22-250 55gr SP  NZ$31
22 Hornet 2,477
222  3,035
223   3,150
22-250 3,510
#HR243A  243 90gr SP  NZ$35
#HR243B  243 100gr SP  NZ$35
#HR65A  6.5 x 55 139gr SP  NZ$34
#HR2506B  25-06 100gr SP  NZ$35
#HR270A  270 130gr SP  NZ$35
#HR308A  308 150gr SP  NZ$35
243 3,084

6.5 x 55 2,477
25-06 3,117
270 2,953
308  2,707

Highland AX Medium Game Cartridges are designed for use on medium game such as pig, goat, warthog, small antelope and other medium sized game. Available in 243 Win, 25-06 Rem, 270 Win, 30-30 Win, 303 British, 308 Win, 6.5x55 Swedish and 7.62x39.
#HR303A  303 150gr SP  NZ$35
#HR303B  303 180gr SP  NZ$35
#HR3006A  30-06 150gr SP  NZ$35
303  2,411
303 2,395
30-06 2,904

Highland AX Large Game Cartridges are designed for use on large game such as deer, sambar, large antelope, wildebeest and other large game where greater knockdown power is required. Available in 7x57, 7mm Rem Mag and 8x57 Mauser.

#HR3030A  30-30 150gr FSP  NZ$31
#HR7 7mm08 140gr NZ$35
#HR757A  7x57 139gr SP  NZ$35
#HR762C  7.62x39 123gr SP RN  NZ$26
#HR7A  7mm Rem Mag 145gr SP NZ$47
#HR300 300 Win Mag 150gr
#HR857B  8x57 175gr PSP BT  NZ$36

30-30  2,264

7x57   2,461
7.62x39 2,362
7mm 2,986
8x57  2,762

 30 Carbine 110gr SP RN 
50 Rounds per Box NZ$53

Highland Handgun Ammunition
Highland Handgun Ammunition
50 Rounds per Box
Velocity fps

Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) JHP bullets have full-length jacket with hollow point. This construction provides deep penetration with controlled expansion and also enables reliable feeding into the chamber in autoloading pistols. These very accurate bullets are suitable for revolvers as well.

Semi Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP) SJHP are designed with a cavity in the nose and they provide optimum expansion with controlled penetration. Due to the partly exposed lead in the nose, they are mainly suitable for revolver use.

 9MM 115gr JHP  NZ$41


 357 158gr SJHP  NZ$58

#HR44B  44 Mag 240gr JHP  NZ$75 44   1,493


BarnauL Ammunition
BarnauL Rifle Ammunition - 223 Rem 52gr FMJ (Steel Case) - 20 Rounds NZ$15 (incl. GST)

Only Limited Stocks Left!

'Mail Order Sales' Form Required to Purchase Ammunition

Dear Valued Customer,

Please note that all mail order purchases of firearms and ammunitions must be accompanied by a completed 'Mail Order Sales' (MOS) Form (the instructions for this are below), which provides for proof and verification of your firearms licence, directly from a Police-Officer. The MOS Form is valid for the 7 days following the date the Police-Officer completes it and as such, if you haven't submitted your order for a Firearm and/or Ammunition to us already, you will need to make sure you do so within this time-frame. The MOS Form only applies to the purchase of the Firearms and Ammunitions that you have specified in the MOS Form and accordingly you will need to complete a further MOS Form for any subsequent, or other, Firearm or Ammunition purchases. For more information, please refer to the MOS bulletin (released by the New Zealand Police) which you can find here.

Instructions for Purchasing Firearms and/or Ammunition:

Step 1: Complete your Firearm and/or Ammunition order through our website, by email, by post, or by telephone (we will get your order ready and will then hold it until the relevant Police-Officer has emailed us the 'Mail Order Sale' (MOS) Form).
Step 2: Print the MOS Form which you can find here and complete the required areas (i.e. your details and the details of the Firearm and/or Ammunition you have ordered). We have already completed the 'Seller/Supplier' details on the MOS Form.
Step 3: Visit your nearest Police-Station with the MOS Form and your current firearms licence.
Step 4: Ask a Police-Officer to firstly, complete the remaining section of the MOS Form and to secondly, email the MOS Form to us at from a valid New Zealand Police email-address.
Step 5: Visit our store to pick up your new Firearm and/or Ammunition or wait for it to be delivered to your house!


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