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 Buffalo River Pig Sticking Knife
Buffalo River Pig Sticking Knife with Wooden Handle (Sheath included)  NZ$81 (incl. GST)
* Blade length: 210mm
* Model #
* Stainless Steel Quality Knives

Buffalo River Pig Sticking sheath knife.

Comes with a wooden handle and leather sheath



Buffalo River make a great sturdy pig sticker. It has an 8 1/2" blade and is 14" overall length. For those who like the feel of wood in the handle then this is the sticker for you. It also comes in a leather sheath

Overview of Buffalo River Knives
Buffalo River knife range has been designed for hunters and farmers. Featuring both everyday working designs along with models for specialist skinning tasks. The range includes both folding and fixed blade models. All Buffalo River Knives use stainless steel blades that are easy to maintain in the field and will retain their edge between sharpens. Handles are made from attractive natural timbers or functional composites for durability and ease of cleaning. Several models of the knives are supplied with leather or nylon protective pouches that provide a safe and convenient carrying mode.

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