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Outdoor Cooking     


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Gas Portable Stoves
Fire-Maple Gas Cookers

Fire-Maple Star FMS-X2 Star Heat Exchanger Cooking System 1L - In Colour Orange
NZ$98 (incl. GST)
Colour: Quantity:

The Fire Maple "Star" FMS- X2 outdoor cooking system is suitable for extreme exploration. It is equal to a large volume cup that can hold a standard 230g gas cartridge and cartridge stand and is an efficient gas stove equipped with a piezo-electric lighting system for your convenience. The FMS-X2 Star comes with a heat exchange on the bottom of the pot so it can enhance the heat efficiently. It also comes with a heat protection cover to prevent the loss of heat. The fixed lock handle is easy to hold. Suitable for hiking, camp cooking and other extreme outdoor activities

* Model # FMS-X2
* Product Size - Folded:
133mm x 205mm
* Product Size - Open: 254mm x 265mm
* Product Weight: 600g
* Pot Capacity: 1L
* Speed: 1 litre of water boiled in 3min 5secs.
* Materials: Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum and Silicone
* Output Power: 1500W
* Load Bearing: 5kg
* Components: Burner base, Heat Exchanger Pot, Silicone Cover and Bowl (NB: Gas Canister is NOT included).



Fire-Maple Star FMS-X3 Star Heat Exchanger Cooking System 0.8L - In Colour Green
NZ$115 (incl. GST)
Colour: Quantity:

The Fire-Maple "Star" FMS-X3 cooking system is a very effective gas cooking system, with heat-exchanging technology that enhances the heat efficiency by around 30%. The pot also comes with a heat protection cover to prevent heat from getting out. With a pot volume of 0.8L, the lightweight and portable FMS-X3 meets the needs of all outddor enthusiasts, especially those who are in need of a small size cooking system, and it is indispensable for high altitude outdoor enthusiasts and other extreme outdoor sports persons.

* Model # FMS-X3
* Product Size - Folded:
133mm x 185mm
* Product Size - Open: 254mm x 246mm
* Product Weight: 600g
* Pot Capacity: 0.8L
* Speed: 0.8 litre of water boiled in 2min 26secs.
* Materials: Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum and Silicone
* Output Power: 2200W
* Load Bearing: 5kg
* Components: Burner base, Heat Exchanger Pot, Silicone Cover and Bowl (NB: Gas Canister is NOT included).


Doite Portable Gas Cookers
Doite Spider Gas Micro Cooker NZ$67 (incl. GST)

* Code # 200401
* Doite Model # 9150

* Size: 13.5cm x 13.5cm x 18cm
* Gas Consumption: 115gm per hour
* Ignition: Automatic Ignition
* Weight: 190gms
* Light and Compact
* Adjustable Flame Control
* Carry Case
* Manual Ignition
* Rustproof
* Folding Pan Support
* NB: Gas Canister Not Included


Doite Rocket Gas Stove NZ$72 (incl. GST)

Weighs 215gms.
Rustproof, piezo ignition, folding pan support, adjustable flame, carry case and a consumption rate of 105gm per hour
Doite Maximum Gas Stove NZ$86 (incl. GST)
Weighs 267gms.
Rustproof, piezo ignition, adjustable flame, carry case, consumption rate of 120gm per hour and connects to 227g canister.

Doite Tristar Gas Stove NZ$68 (incl. GST)
Sorry but we are Currently Out of Stock of this Item


* Weighs 1.76kgs
* Powerful high calorific gas range, auto ignition, size 34 x 30 x 11cm, has a burn rate of 200gm per hour and comes with a plastic carry
* Connects to 227 Gas canister


Doite Supercell Gas Stove - Ceramic Burner Head NZ$85 (incl. GST)

The next step up from the Tristar, the Super Cell Gas Stove is an excellent value for money Stainless Steel, Wind proof cooker that is even more efficient and fanastic to take away camping or hiking! Features a security device that controls gas exit, ceramic enamel coated drip pan and special heating plate to encourage heat retention and prevent the wasting of fuel. No Matches required, ignition lights with the flick of a button.
* Connects to 227gr Gas Canister.
* Weighs 1.65kg
* Dimensions 32.6 x 27.7 x 9.1cm
* Has a burn rate of 135gr/hour


Domex Portable Burner/Cooker
Domex Meths Burner (with flame adjuster)
(incl. GST)

Model # DOMC030

Compact and lightweight brass and stainless steel burner for your travels. Simply fill up with methylated spirits, ignite and your food can be heated and prepared right away. Comes with a screw top lid, and a flame adjuster to control the height of the flame. Burner stand sold separately. Total weight:130g.


* methylated spirits burner
* screw top lid
* flame adjuster


Domex Burner Stand
(incl. GST)

Model # DOMC0305

Add the Burner Stand to your Meths Burner to increase the safety and stability. Made of one piece of hardened anodised aluminium, there is no assembly required. Meths burner sold separately. Dimensions: 6 cm x 9 cm.


Material: Hardened anodised aluminium


Outer Limits Portable Gas Cookers
Outer Limits Falcon Portable Cooker NZ$34 (incl. GST)
Model # GS03
Size: 46x46x105mm

Made from high-strength aluminium and stainless steel. folding support frame is compact with excellent heat efficiency. packbrafed in a plastic box. 100gm. BTU rating 10,000.

* 3.15 min - boil time per litre
* 13gm gas per litre
* 18 litres water boiled per 230g Outer Limits ISO Butane / Propane gas
Outer Limits Kea Portable Cooker NZ$43 (incl. GST)
Model # GS02P
Size: 67x67x102mm

Fold in legs for compactness, storage and ease of transport. Piezo ignition for convenience. Large burner provides fast boil time and efficient use of gas. 130gm. BTU rating 9,000.

* 3.30 min - boil time per litre
* 13gm gas per litre
* 18 litres water boiled per 230g Outer Limits ISO Butane / Propane gas
Companion Portable Gas Stoves

Companion Portable Gas Stove NZ$36
(incl. GST)

Model # COMP523

The Companion portable butane cartridge gas stove is an excellent value for money portable stove. Lightweight compact and easy to carry, just great for camping or even hiking. A great emergency stove in times of power cuts or similar situations. Uses standard 220 gram butane gas cartridges. Add one to your emergency survival kit.

Powerful 2 KW burner
* Durable powder coated cabinet
* Compact low profile design
* Piezo ignition - No Matches Required
* Auto Safety Shut Off
* Economic Operation from Self Sealing cartridge
* Variable Heat Control
* Alloy burner
* Easy Clean Drip pan
* High Speed Efficient Burner
* Convenient, strong and durable plastic storage case
* Uses Standard 220 gram butane gas cartridges


Gas Porta-BBQ

Porta-BBQ Stainless Steel Barbeque with Roasting Hood
(incl. GST)
- Cooking Surface Measures: 450mm x 270mm
- Overall Basic Dimensions: 630mm wide x 400mm deep x 335mm high (580mm high with lid open)

- U-Shaped Double Stainless Steel Burner: 2.75kpa pressure with 13 Mj/h Input Rate
- Cast Iron Cooking Grill (460mm wide x 280mm deep)
- Auto Ignition, no matches required...
- Hood Fastening Latch
- Stainless Steel Drip Tray
- Hinged Stainless Steel Curved Hood
- 1100mm long Standard NZ Screw Type Regulator
- Set Up for LPG
- NB: NO Gas Bottle Supplied
- Various Positioned Screw Holes on both sides for Permanent Installation
- Weight: 16kg


Gas Canisters
Outdoor Doite Pro Gas 230g Canister NZ$7 (incl. GST)

Ideal for all types of camping gas appliances, camping stoves and camping lanterns (screw type). Reliable source of gas and useful for campers, mountaineers and backpackers. Its compact size makes it great for weight saving on trips. They are re-usable canisters as they self seal when you unscrew them from your cooker making it easier to pack and store them.

* For lamps, kitchens, stoves and heaters
* Safe 20% Propane - 80% Butane Mix
* Threaded coupling system (screw type)
* No gas leakage when disconnected
* Capacity: 230grs / 8.1oz

  Outdoor Doite Gas 227g Canister NZ$4 (incl. GST)

Ideal for all types of camping gas appliances, camping stoves and camping lanterns. Reliable source of gas and useful for campers, mountaineers, backpackers. Its compact size makes it great for weight saving on trips.

* For lamps, kitchens, stoves and heaters
* Safe 20% Propane - 80% Butane Mix
* Sealable fixed system
* No gas leakage when disconnected
* Capacity: 227grs / 8.0z

Gas Lamps
Outdoor Doite Panda Gas Lamp NZ$84 (incl. GST)
Weighs 260gms.
Auto ignition, adapter for 227 and 223gm cans, burn rate of 48gm per hour, 75 watt. Complete with carry case

Biolite BaseLantern & XL Power Hub

Biolite - BaseLantern & XL Power Hub
NZ$245 (incl. GST)
Colour: Quantity:


The world’s first flatpack lantern combines breakthrough edge-lighting with Bluetooth connectivity to bring you your own miniature smartgrid. Featuring a 12000 mAh rechargeable li-on battery, the BaseLantern XL offers big power to light large group settings and charge your gear. A custom Low Energy Bluetooth app connects with your BaseLantern and unlocks a suite of features like sleep timers, proximity activation, and real-time battery feedback so you get the most from your off-grid energy.

Code: BSLPLC1002
Weight: 648g
Lumens: 500LM
Dimensions: 129 x 127 x 44 mm
Battery: 12000mAh



Biolite Sitelite Mini

Biolite - Sitelite Mini
NZ$38 (incl. GST)
Colour: Quantity:


Bring the stars a little closer with this constellation of lights, designed for easy, instant setup. Containing four lights per string, the SiteLight Mini can light pathways, campsites, and tents with 150 lumens of dimmable ambient light. Set on 10 feet of cord and daisy-chainable, power it with the BioLite PowerLight or BaseLantern or any USB source with included adapter.

Code: BSSLB1001
Weight: 70g
Dimensions: 47 x 47 x 70 mm
Lumens: 150Lm across 4 lights


Outdoor Doite Battery Lanterns
Outdoor Doite Zeus Lantern  NZ$52 (incl. GST)
Weather proof, Energy saving fluorescent u/tube (9w).
4 size D batteries or 12v car plug
  Outdoor Doite Bio Prisma Lantern NZ$61 (incl. GST)
6 watt U shaped flurescent bulb, adjustable hanger, batsstery saving ability.
Takes 4 size D batteries
Outdoor Doite Cree XLamp Genio Lantern NZ$71 (incl. GST)
- Use for home, hiking, camping and fishing.
- Hanger hook included.
- XR-E Cree Xlap warm white LED
- Size: 88 x 193mm
- Weight: 833g (with batteries)
- DC-DC regulated circuit
- Water resistant
- 3 mode operation: high, low and flashing.
- Conical reflector produces evenly distributed light
- Up to 145 lumens output power
- Tender warm white light prevents eye offending
- 5.5 nights continuous illumination - 65 hours of battery life
- Takes 3 x 1.5V D Size batteries (not included)
Coast Battery Lanterns
Coast EAL20 LED Lantern NZ$89 (incl. GST)

Model # CE7124H
Max Output: 125 lumen
Runtime: 100 hour
Length: 8.25 inches
Battery: Four D (not included)

The EAL20 LED Lantern is a “go-to” emergency light. Nine, high-quality LEDs provide incredible brightness and energy efficiency. Gives you up to 100 hours of runtime on a single set of batteries. Includes four different run modes. Choose from flashing red, solid red, area light, and energy saving settings. Dimming switch allows customizable brightness.


Candle Lanterns and Accessories
UCO Original Candle Lantern NZ$34 (incl. GST)
Colour: Quantity:

* Model # L-C-STD
* Colours:
Red, Silver and Green
* Material: Aluminum and Made in the USA

This is the classic, long-burning, collapsible Original Candle Lantern that has provided warm, natural light to millions of outdoor enthusiasts for decades. It is perfectly suited to backpacking, mountaineering, snow camping, and similar outdoor pursuits. Lightweight and compact, the Original Candle Lantern provides 9 hours of warm light from a single candle, surrounding it in the safest, most efficient lantern housing available anywhere. The lightweight aluminum or brass frame holds the glass chimney securely in place, creating a windproof environment for the flame. And the unique, easy-slide chimney allows the glass to slide down into the lantern, making the candle easier than ever to light.


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