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Huntech Thermal Clothing   



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Huntech Thermals

Made in New Zealand High Quality Hunting Gear - Huntech have announced that they are CLOSING DOWN as the owner would like to focus on other things, accordingly there will likely be gaps in our stock until the products sell out!
Huntech Microfleece Tee - in BLACK NZ$47 (incl. GST)
Only Limited Sizes Left!
Size: Colour: Quantity:

This 'T' shirt style is great for keeping your torso warm without restricting your arms. Keeping you warm to the core....

Picture shown in Green (no longer available).

Code: 515 and 516
Sizes: Only size XL left!
Thermofleece 160
Only Black left!

  Huntech ThermaStat "T" NZ$42 (incl. GST)
Only Limited Sizes Left!
Size: Colour: Quantity:

Has the outward appearance of polypropylene. The difference is this unique polyester fibre is hollow and crimped. The hollow fibre replicates the hollow hair found on many animals that have adapted to the extreme cold. ThermaStat 100 is ideal for high energy activity, because it wicks moisture and dries more quickly than our Thermofleece 160. ThermaStat 100 "T" is less bulky, but it isn't as warm as Thermofleece 160 in extreme conditions.

Code: T15
Sizes: Only size Small Left!
Fabric: Thermostat 100
Colours: Green

Huntech ThermaStat Briefs NZ$19 (incl. GST)
Only Limited Sizes Left!
Size: Colour: Quantity:

Fast drying, bum warming and no chaffing.....ahhh

Code: T22
Sizes: Only sizes XL and XXL Left!
Fabric: ThermaStat 100
Colour: Green


Huntech Clothing Sizing
Tops - Chest
S = 90-96cm
M = 97-102cm
L = 103-115cm
XL = 116-125cm
XXL = 126-135cm
Pants - Waist
S = 77-83cm
M = 84-90cm
L =  91-96cm
XL = 97-105cm
XXL = 106-115cm
Trousers - Waist
S = 78cm
M = 87cm
L = 91cm
 XL = 96cm
XXL = 102cm



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