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Huntech Fabrics

Made in New Zealand High Quality Hunting Gear - Huntech have announced that they are CLOSING DOWN as the owner would like to focus on other things, accordingly there will likely be gaps in our stock until the products sell out!
Huntech 4 Seasons System

This clothing system is one of the most advanced clothing systems available to hunters and shooters anywhere!  In developing this system, versatility was the most important aspect, because no single garment will be suitable for every climatic change you can  experience in the outdoors.

The Four Season System has 3 main components;

Thermofleece as an insulation layer;

Shelter-XP liner for wind and waterproofness;

Soft Shell soft and quiet wind resistant outer layer.
All three parts can be won seperately or together giving six various combinations, to keep you comfortable in any climatic conditions, any season. All parts can all be purchased individually and any garment with the Four Seasons Clothing System label will be compatible with other garments of the same size.
Drymax-lite Fabric

Drymax-lite™ is a lightweight three dimensional polyester fibre, which is engineered to wick moisture away quickly. This creates an extremely breathable fast drying fabric which wicks moisture quickly to the outside of the fabric, which is then quickly evaporated away. This leaves you cool and dry in the summer and will protect you from the dangers of UV. Because Drymax-lite™ keeps your skin so dry, garments act as a great insulater so will keep you warm and dry in the winter. Drymax-lite™ fibre is used in all our various Drymax-lite™ fabrics and ThermaSuede™. These cool garments are perfect when its hot, and you're sweating up a storm. Great for work or play, you will be comfortable no matter what the temperature.
Xquinox Cloth

Huntech's New Soft Shell Fabric XQUINOX CLOTH So called "Soft Shell" fabrics like the Stealth Suede Fabric, we introduced to hunters about 5 years ago, have really developed over the past couple of years. When windproof breathable membranes were developed and used in laminated fleeces, outdoors people quickly took to these windproof garments. The main problems associated with these garments, was they don't dry very quickly, and the breathability of the membranes physically cannot move moisture as quickly as the human body produces it, and they are bulky and often get too hot. Hence the evolution of the Soft Shell fabrics which are often lamminated fabrics but they have no membrane to give the windproof/water resistant properties. Instead two often very different fabrics are laminated together to achieve the required properties. This creates fabrics which are many times more breathable, dry quickly and are water resistant, offering greater comfort to the wearer. Remember these are NOT totally waterproof rain coats.
Huntechs latest development is Xquinox Cloth which has a very tightly woven ripstop fabric which is wind and water resistant on one side. On the other is a microfibre fleece fabric which quickly wicks moisture and feels warm and dry. This fabric has a similar wind resistance to windproof fleece, but the breathability of a cotton shirt. The ripstop feature of the fabric, traps small pockets of air which gives extra insulation and becomes quite evident when the fabric becomes wet. Xquinox cloth is available in Olive green, Realtree Hardwoods & Fall Flight.

Shelter-XP is a high performance waterproof and breathable 3 layer fabric. The membrane is laminate between polyester outer face fabric treate with a Teflon durable water repellent finish, and an inside layer of tricot mesh, creating a strong, lightweight and supple liner.
Windproof Thermofleece

Since we first introducet our Silent-plus windproof and waterproof fleece in 1992, there has been a strong following of this type of fabric. In 2006 our new improved Windproof Thermofleece has a totally windproof and breathable membrane laminated between a layer of Thermofleece 160 and a polyester interlock fabric. This makes the fabric softer, less bulky plus we have also added more stretch to the fabric. Garments are soft, quiet and windproof, and will be at least two times as warm as a standard fleece garment in wind conditions. Although not totally waterproof, seams are strategically placed an stitching through the body of the garments is kept to a minimum to reduce any possible water penetration.
Thermofleece 160

Thermofleece 160 is similar weight to our ThermaStat 100, but is more bulky, becuase it is brushed on both sides. It is great for times you are less active and is warmer than the ThermaStat 100 in this situation. But like all microfleeces it doesn't keep your skin as dry as ThermaStat 100 when your really active.
ThermaStat 100

ThermaStat 100 has the outward appearance of polypropylene. The difference is this unique polyester fibre is hollow and crimped. The hollow fibre replicates the hollow hair found on many animals that have adapted to the extreme cold. ThermaStat 100 is ideal for high energy activity, because it wicks moisture and dries more quickly than our Thermofleece 160. ThermaStat 100 is less bulky, but it isn't as warm as Thermofleece 160 in extreme conditions. ThermaStat 100 is softer, about 20% lighter, wicks moisture faster and won't shrink or stink like polyprop!!!
Rapid Dry

Rapid Dry is a lightweight three dimensional polyester fibre, which is designed to wick moisture away quickly. This creates an extremely breathable fast drying fabric which wicks moisture quickly then evaporated away. This leaves you cool and dry in the summer and will protect you fron the dangers of UV. Because Rapid Dry keeps your skin so dry, gaments act as a great insulator so will keep you warm and dry in the winter.

Rapid Dry fibre is used in our Drymax-Lite and ThermaSuede fabrics. These cool garments are perfect when it is hot, and you'r sweating up a storm. Great for work or play, you will be comfortable no matter what the temperature. They also double as thermals in winter.
This year we are making our ThermaSuede fabric fron Rapid Dry fibre so now these super tough garments are super cool.
Drymax-lite is a 3 dimensional stretcy knit perfect for shirts.

Thermofleece 2000 XPF

Extended Performance Fleece:

- has a windproof breathable membrane laminated between two layers of THERMOFLEECE 160:-Creating one of the most advanced fleece fabrics in the world. A THERMOFLEECE 2000 XPF garment is soft, quiet and wind proof, which will be at least two times as warm as a standard fleece garment in windy conditions. Although this fabric is totally waterproof a garment made from it couldn’t be called totally waterproof, because water can penetrate through the seams and the stitching holes. Needless to say all Thermofleece 2000 XPR garments are constructed to be as waterproof as possible. Seams are strategically placed and stitching through the body of the garments is kept to a minimum to reduce any possible water penetration.

Thermofleece 580
Thermofleece 580
is our heavy weight fleece made from 100% polyester yarn. This tough fabric is engineered to be the best all round peforming fleece in New Zealand conditions, giving extra warmth without excessive bulk.

Pants Fabric

All these pants are silent, dry quickly and are very comfortable.
We make pants and trousers in 3 fabrics; Fleece, THermaSuede, and Microfleece.

pants are made to be silent and very warm, suitable for cold conditions.
ThermaSuede pants are tough, silent and dry quickly. You won't over heat when it warms up. They are much tougher than microfleece pants and not too hot like fleece pants.
Microfleece pants can be worn on their own or as part of a layering system.
Bush Basics Fleece

The huntech Bush Basics Range of clothing is made from the best quality Asian made fleece, which other manufacturers use in their premium ranges. The garments are basic designs and this range is very competitively priced. The Bush Basics range is ideal for those having their first outdoors experinece, those who work in the bush, for farmers and for general work wear. Although simple garments they are tough, uncomprimising and long lasting. and offer great value for money.

Huntech Colours

The Habitat Camouflage System™ is the result of our passion to bring the very best gear to hunters and shooters in our part of the world. It all started in the late eighties when we brought New Zealand and Australian hunters, the first high tech camouflage hunting gear made in New Zealand. Huntech® Outdoor Clothing's first products were made from Malden Mills™ woodland camo polarfleece, and soon a new industry was created in New Zealand. A move to having our fabrics made in Europe, gave us opportunities to experiment with camouflage patterns. We fine tuned the woodland type pattern, and changed colours to better suit our environment. We tried heat transfer prints in the early 90's on microfleece, but the costs of screens and rollers proved prohibitive. At the time the first of the non military patterns started to evolve, Realtree™, Trebark™ and Mossy Oak™ to name a few. We saw Realtree as the leader so we became licensed to use their patterns. Unfortunately the North American patterns never really suited our environment. Commonly used American forest patterns tend to be much too dark, because they are designed for bow hunters who hunt from high tree stands, in forests dominated by large, dark deciduous hardwood trees, with dark heavy canopies. Patterns designed for wetland areas, tend to be very yellow and brown depicting very dry grasses, reeds and rushes.

Using valuable input from several of New Zealand’s most successful hunters, waterfowlers, bird shooters and wildlife photographers, we have set out to develop a series of camouflage patterns suitable for New Zealand hunting conditions. We have also developed a camo pattern for our Australian cousins.

Huntech Bushland Habitat Camouflage™

Huntech High Country Habitat Camouflage™

Huntech Waterfowl Habitat Camouflage™

Huntech Hi Viz Habitat Camouflage™

Huntech Gumtree Camouflage™


Huntech Clothing Sizing
Tops - Chest
S = 90-96cm
M = 97-102cm
L = 103-115cm
XL = 116-125cm
XXL = 126-135cm
Pants - Waist
S = 77-83cm
M = 84-90cm
L =  91-96cm
XL = 97-105cm
XXL = 106-115cm
Trousers - Waist
S = 78cm
M = 87cm
L = 91cm
 XL = 96cm
XXL = 102cm



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