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Swibo Knives



Wenger Swibo Knives

Made by Wenger the Swibo range of outdoor knives are designed to meet the high standards required of professional butcher knives. The blades are specially treated and tempered to give greater hardness, flexibility and a longer lasting cutting edge and the design of the handles makes the knives very hygienic. Swibo knives are dishwasher safe.

Steel - The blades are made from stainless steel high quality.
Blade - Permanently sharp and robust blade. The rounded edge on the back of the blade greatly reduces the risk of accidental injury.
Handle - The yellow non-slip handle sealed onto the blade is hygienic (non-porous) and gives a comfortable and completely safe grip. The knife is ergonomic and well-balanced. The handle is not slippery, even when wet.

Swibo Filleting Knives
Swibo Filleting Knife (16cm)   NZ$55 (incl. GST)
Length: 16cm
stainless, flexible, scaler on spine

Model # 2 48 16

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