Hornady Projectiles   Sierra Projectiles
ELD-X and ELD-Match Rifle calibers: 20, 22 and 243 (6mm)
SST and Interbond Big Game Rifle calibers: 25, 264 (6.5mm), 270 and 284 (7mm)
GMX, FTX and Dangerous Game Rifle calibers: 30
V-Max, A-Max and Match Rifle calibers: 303, 323, 338, 35, 375 and 45
Varmint Pistol
Rifle calibers: 22, 6mm, 25, 6.5mm, 270, 7mm and 30 cal    
Rifle calibers: 7.62x39, 303, 32, 8x56, 8mm, 338, 348, 35, 375, 411, 416, 44 and 45   Other Projectiles
Pistol Speer
Lead Pistol Swift
Bulk Packs Barnes: Varmint Grenade, TSX, Tipped TSX, Banded Solids and VOR-TX
Bullet Proof Samples Barnes Bullet Proof Samples
    Berger Bullet Proof Samples
  Nosler Projectiles    
Ballistic Tip and Varmint Projectiles   Rifle Cases
Silvertip, Shots and Solid Base Projectiles Winchestor Cartridge Cases
Custom Competition and Accubond Lapua Rifle Cases
Partition, Handgun and Sporting Handgun Nosler Custom Brass Cases
E-Tips and Solid Dangerous Game Norma Brass Cases
Bullet Proof Samples    


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