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 Ridgeline Top-to-Toe Pack

Ridgeline Top to Toe (5-Piece) Pack - NZ Fern Camo Colour NZ$115 (incl. GST)

Only Limited Sizes Left!

Size: Quantity:
Pack Includes:
1 x Microfleece Trousers - NZ Fern Camo
1 x Microfleece Long Sleeve Shirt - NZ Fern Camo

1 x Workmans Tee - NZ Fern Camo
1 x Micro Beanie (one size fits all) - NZ Fern Camo
1 x Snug-Fit Outdoor Socks - Brown

Everything you need to keep you warm while you are hunting in the great outdoors; from Top to Toe. The Camo Top to Toe pack comes with a quality Micro Fleece L/S Shirt, Classic Workman’s Tee, a pair of Southernstar 280 Staydry Fleece Trousers, a Fleece Beanie and a pair of Snug Fit Socks.

Sizes: Only Size Small Left!
Colours: NZ Fern Camo

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More Pictures of the Ridgeline Top-to-Toe (5-Piece) Pack in Camo

Microfleece Long Sleeve Shirt

Workmans Tee
Microfleece Trousers

Microfleece Beanie
Snug-Fit Socks


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