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 Ridgeline Top-up-on-Tees

Ridgeline Top up on Tee's Pack - 3 x Workman Tees
NZ$67 (incl. GST)
RRP if bought individually is $119.85 ($39.95 each Tee)
Only Limited Sizes Left!

Size: Quantity:

Pack Includes:
2 x Workman Tees - Olive
1 x Workman Tee - Black

Ridgeline’s classic Workmen’s Tee times three! Why not take advantage of the exceptional value in this three piece Tee pack. You can never have enough of these timeless tees that are great for out in the field, at home in the garage, or even mucking in at the campsite. The package includes 1 x black Workman’s Tee and 2 x olive Workman’s Tees.

Sizes: Only Size 2X-Large Left!
Colours: Olive and Black

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More Pictures of the Ridgeline Top-up-on-Tees (3-Piece) Pack in Olive / Black:
Workmans Tee in Olive:
Workmans Tee in Black:


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