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 Aide Large First Aid Kit

Aide Adventurer SC - Large Group First Aid Kit  NZ$105 (incl. GST)
* In Large Dry Bag


Info: This weatherproof, adventure medical kit is a great all-round option for outdoor groups and families. Contained in a versatile dry bag for reduced weight and volume. Includes the 48-page Aide guidebook and can carry your other small tools and equipment safe and dry. Makes an ideal first aid hub for sea kayakers, rafters, outdoor guides, or a group of trampers.
Size: H=290mm, W=200mm, D=Variable
Weight: 650g
Materials: Main walls are 420D PU coated nylon with 6mm high frequency welds. Buckle is 20mm acetal.

Aideguide first aid book x 1
A Dressings
A1 Adhesive bandages (15 per pack) x 1
A2 Adhesive bandage strip (10 per pack) x 1
A3 Wound closure strips (3 per pack) x 3
A4 Non-stick dressing x 6
A5 Adhesive wound fabric x 1
B Medicines
B3 Iodine wipes (4 per pack) x 1
B4 Saline solution x 1
C Adhesives & Supports
C1 Conforming bandage x 2
C2 Strapping tape x 1
C3 Triangular bandage x 1
D Equipment
D1 Scissors x 1
D2 Tweezers x 1
D3 Safety pins, needles, & bandage fasteners x 1
D4 Personal medicine capsule x 2
D5 Zip-lock bags (5 per pack) x 1
D6 Marker pen x 1
D7 Disposable scalpel x 1
E Preparation & Protection
E1 Gloves x 2
E2 Face shield x 1
E3 Cleansing wipes (4 per pack) x 1
E4 Hand disinfecting gel x 1




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