Coast EAL20 LED Lantern
Coast EAL20 LED Lantern NZ$89 (incl. GST)

Model # CE7124H
Max Output: 125 lumen
Runtime: 100 hour
Length: 8.25 inches
Battery: Four D (not included)

The EAL20 LED Lantern is a “go-to” emergency light. Nine, high-quality LEDs provide incredible brightness and energy efficiency. Gives you up to 100 hours of runtime on a single set of batteries. Includes four different run modes. Choose from flashing red, solid red, area light, and energy saving settings. Dimming switch allows customizable brightness.



Push button on/off with VLT Variable Light Technology (dimming)
* Built-in battery life indicator
* Nine high quality LEDs; one white, eight red
* Durable casing
* Built-in handle/hanger

* Security
* Public Safety
* Police/Rescue

More Pictures of the Coast EAL20 Lantern


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