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Contour Accessories - Mounts
Contour 360 Degree Helmet Base and Mount
Contour 360 Degree Helmet Base  NZ$34 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR3561

Contour 360 Degree Helmet Mount  NZ$67 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR3570


Rotate and tilt your Contour camera to get the perfect shot. The 360º Helmet Mount allows you to get that over top, reverse, side, or any angle you desire. Built for helmets of all kinds: mountain bike, motocross, kayak, snowboard, ski and more. The 3M adhesive base is compact yet provides a solid base to keep things steady and the easy-to-use lever allows for quick adjustment. For best fit with your waterproof case we recommend purchasing the Surfboard Mount.


Contour Google Strap Mount
Contour Google Strap Mount  NZ$34 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR2650

The Goggle Strap Mount is perfect for that epic snow or dirt adventure where goggles are a must. Simply slide the mount base on your goggle strap, and then click the camera attachment into the base. Align the camera to your desired angle, and you're good to go!


Contour Bar Mount
Contour Bar Mount  NZ$50 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR2780

The Bar Mount from Contour is built with a dual screw enclosure system so you can securely attach your camera to a variety of bar sizes. The twist lock adjustment easily helps you achieve the perfect angle, and the TRail™ system helps you mount and remove your camera quickly and easily.


Contour Suction Cup Mount
Contour Suction Cup Mount  NZ$67 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR2810

This powerful suction cup mount from our friends at Panavise attaches your Contour camera to any windshield or car body. This meticulously designed mount makes it simple to turn, tilt, and rotate your camera 360 degrees.


Contour Waterproof Case Adapter
Contour Waterproof Case Adapter (for attaching to suction cup mount) NZ$50 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR2801

The Contour Waterproof Case Adapter features a ball joint and threaded screw. One end attaches to a Contour Waterproof Case and the other end attaches to the Contour Suction Cup Mount. This lets you get amazing video in any condition from your Contour Camera mounted onto the windshield of your vehicle. Plus, the ball joint facilitates multi-angle adjustments.


Contour Universal Mount Adapter
Contour Universal Mount Adapter NZ$34 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR3100

If you already own traditional camera mounts, then the Universal Mount Adapter is for you! Integrating TRails™ on both sides, this mount has a female 1/4"-20 screw on the bottom to attach your camera to any mounts or tripods in your arsenal.


Contour Flex Strap Mount
Contour Flex Strap Mount  NZ$50 (incl. GST)
Model # VHR2755

The Flex Strap from Contour is a versatile mount that is designed for use across a multitude of sports and bar shapes. Strap it to the downtube of your bicycle or to the roll cage in your car. The soft flexible strap holds steady and dampens vibration to assure you get clear crisp HD video. Two strap sizes are provided that connect with the popular rotating mount, ensuring a secure fit to all angle needs.


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