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 Fire-Maple Star X2

Fire-Maple Star FMS-X2 Star Heat Exchanger Cooking System 1L - In Colour Orange NZ$112 (incl. GST)
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The Fire Maple "Star" FMS- X2 outdoor cooking system is suitable for extreme exploration. It is equal to a large volume cup that can hold a standard 230g gas cartridge and cartridge stand and is an efficient gas stove equipped with a piezo-electric lighting system for your convenience.

The FMS-X2 Star comes with a heat exchange on the bottom of the pot so it can enhance the heat efficiently. It also comes with a heat protection cover to prevent the loss of heat. The fixed lock handle is easy to hold. Suitable for hiking, camp cooking and other extreme outdoor activities

* Model # FMS-X2
* Product Size - Folded:
133mm x 205mm
* Product Size - Open: 254mm x 265mm
* Product Weight: 600g
* Pot Capacity: 1L
* Speed: 1 litre of water boiled in 3min 5secs.
* Materials: Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum and Silicone
* Output Power: 1500W
* Load Bearing: 5kg
* Components: Burner base, Heat Exchanger Pot, Silicone Cover and Bowl (NB: Gas Canister is NOT included).
* Integrated pot cosy.
* Easy Measuring: Graduation marks on the inside of the pot, 250ml steps.
* Suitable Gas Canister: It requires a 230g gas canister (sold seperately).
* Save Fuel: Very low fuel consumption.


* High Heating Efficiency: FMS-X2-Star cooking system is developed to provide high heating efficiency. Adopting heat exchanger technology,the efficiency is improved by 30%. The unique base metal butt welding technology for the pot body (insulated with sponge) contributie to reduce the heat lost and also to protect your hands from the burning metal.

* Effective Heat-Exchanging Technology: It can boil 1L of water in 3 minutes and 5 seconds.
* Space Saving: It is equal to alarge volume cup that can hold standard 230g gas tank. After it is dissembled, the stove base and gas tank can be put inside the pot (included), leaving you with more room in your backpack.
* Compact Design:
The compact size makes it very portable and easy to carry (in your backpack or your suitcase). Suitable for all outdoor activities.
* Multi-purpose pot rack: Can be used with a variety of pots and pans
* Windproof: Very high windproof factor means there is no need for a wind-screen.
* Steady Handle Design: The handle can be locked to make it stable and no shake when using it.

* Piezo Ignition: With Piezo Ignition, you can fire it up very easily and quickly.
* Stable and Reliable: Is suitable for all types of environments (including high-altitude areas with suitable gas cylinders) while remaining reliable and stable.

* High-Quality Materials: It is made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper and silicon.

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