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 Hunters Element Maverick Boots

Hunters Element Maverick Hunting Boots - Desolve® Veil™ Camo NZ$180 (incl. GST)
Size: Colour: Quantity:

* Model #'s 30023137 to 30023205
* Colour:
Desolve® Veil™ Camouflage
* Sizes:
6 - 14 US
* Approx. Weight: 24.7oz / 700g per boot (size US 9)
* Overview: A water-resistant, comfortable and lightweight boot built for silent deerstalking with a high cut that gives excellent ankle support.

* Heavy-duty STEELskin™ upper fabric: The new Hydrafuse STEELskin fabric uses 900D two-way stretch polyester oxford outer.
* Hydrafuse™ REINsoc™ water-resistant lining: The new Hydrafuse REINsoc membrane has a thick and strong construction making it a premium waterproof and breathable fabric.
* Aggressive ACTrek™ XTi LITE™ outsole: A lightweight, soft and flexible outsole makes this an excellent stalking boot, while providing superb grip in all terrain.
* Grunty Lace Loops: Durable double-stiched lace loops continue to add to this stalking boot's lightweight appeal.
* Tough Rubber Toe Cap: Increased protection from rocks and stones in the highest wear area of the boot.
* EVA StalkAIR™ midsole.


Product Information:

The Hunters Element Maverick Boot isn't just another cheap “stalking” boot. This lightweight boot was built from the forest floor up, one piece at a time, very deliberately.

The brand new ACTrek™ XTi LITE™ outsole is crazy aggressive. The sharp, deep, rubber teeth grab like talons when sidling wet, mulchy faces and provide impressive stopping power on slippery descents. Sitting between this and your foot is our tested StalkAIR™ midsole and footbed, light, soft and deadly quiet. The upper is cut from heavy-duty STEELskin™ Polyester Oxford fabric. This has been chosen over leather in this case because it retains almost no water and remains as light as possible in the long dewy grass and muddy game trails.

Packed with plenty of other key features, the Hunters Element Maverick Boot, truly is, perfect for silent deerstalking. The high cut gives excellent ankle support when exploring unstable terrain and the Hydrafuse™ REINsoc™ water-resistant lining keeps your feet dry and comfortable.

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More Features of the Hunters Element Maverick Boots

Hunters Element Boot Size Chart

Hunters Element Boot Sizing

All sizes are US men's sizing.

Measure from the from the back of your heel to the end of your longest toe.

We recommend getting a size larger than your normal sneaker shoe size - the extra room will help avoid toe pain when sidling down steep terrain.

US Size Foot Length (approximate)
6 9.3 in / 23.6 cm
7 9.6 in / 24.4 cm
8 9.9 in / 25.2 cm
9 10.25 in / 26 cm
10 10.6 in / 26.8 cm
11 10.9 in / 27.8 cm
12 11.25 in / 28.6 cm
13 11.6 in / 29.4 cm
14 11.9 in / 30.25 cm
More Information on Desolve® Veil™ Camouflage

Partnership with Desolve® Camouflage

Hunters Element in New Zealand and Australia have partnered with Desolve® Camouflage and are bringing three new camouflage patterns to the market in a new range of hunting gear arriving over the coming months. Some of what is coming is a world first in hunting gear so it is time to get excited.

Continuing the success of Veil Camouflage, these new deception camouflage patterns suit browner terrain as well as a high visibility pattern and a specific waterfowl pattern designed for duck shooters.

Animal vision differs significantly from human vision yet the idea of concealing ourselves from the human eye has dominated the hunting camouflage market internationally. That is until now.


Challenging Perceptions - active deception replaces passive concealment

Common sense tells us that if we can’t see the hunter, the animal can’t either. Science challenges those perceptions and Desolve® Deception Camouflage has produced the evidence. A hunting camouflage system that works with its environment and the weaknesses in animal vision to take you out of the picture. This replaces our passive attempts to hide with the confidence of active concealment.

Reducing the range of engagement is in the front of every hunters mind, the challenge for any camouflage is concealing you effectively at any range. Patterns that mimic your surroundings depend on ideal conditions and a constant landscape. They work with the human eye, ultimately producing a false confidence. We are programmed to believe what we see but when it comes to hunting, it is more effective to believe what animals see. The rules have changed in your favour, game on.

More Information on Hunters Element

Overview of Hunters Element

Hunters Element creates and supplies high quality premium hunting clothing and apparel. Hunters Element products are designed in New Zealand’s harshest conditions to create technically superior, performance driven hunting gear, so you can challenge yourself to walk further, climb higher and hunt longer. Hunters Element don’t follow traditions, they innovate to give you gear that is more comfortable, dries faster, packs smaller and is very durable.

Hunters Element was created as a response to New Zealand’s fierce and unforgiving environment; an ancient, primal land carved from mighty glaciers and volcanic ranges. Dense forests and rivers intertwine with sweeping valleys and desolate mountains, and combined with a relentless climate these factors have created an ecological melting pot of mammoth proportions. This punishing environment requires a high level of performance and endurance to challenge and overcome the elements - it is raw, unique and unparalleled anywhere in the world.


Unprecedented Quality Products

Become the ultimate predator with Hunters Element gear as your accomplice, silently providing the crucial support needed to secure your success against prey in it’s own backyard. Designed to reflect the punishing surrounds in which it was born, Hunters Element gear encompasses cutting edge technology, design and production, creating maximum comfort, performance and durability to help you beat the elements.

With innovation as Hunters Element's driving force and unprecedented quality as their goal, they have succeeded in producing gear that is second to none, rugged and unique like the land in which it was born. Hunters Element gear allows you to penetrate the forbidden landscape, walk further, climb higher and hunt longer. Their mission - to be guaranteed to be New Zealands finest hunting equipment.


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