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 Hunters Element XTR Jacket
Hunters Element XTR Pacstealth Jacket in Frost Green

Hunters Element XTR PacStealth Jacket - Frost Green SPECIAL! Was NZ$378 Now NZ$290 (incl. GST)
Only Limited Sizes Left!

Size: Colour: Quantity:

Utilising the latest technology and unique design we have developed the Generation 4 XTR Jacket. Our key focus when designing the new XTR Series was performance. What do we mean by performance? Simple, garments that dry faster, pack down smaller, breath better and basically help make your experience more enjoyable.

New Hydrafuse PacSTEALTSPECIAH™ fabric holds 700ml/700gm less water when saturated than a brushed tricot jacket. Hydrafuse PacSTEALTH™ fabric and waterproof zippers have enabled use to reduce the packed size by 30%, allowing this jacket to fit into your pack easily a raincoat is a survival tool and should be taken with you everywhere incase you get into trouble.

PacSTEALTH™ fabric is the highest performing 3 layer fabric on the market. Selected for its advanced light weight and incredibly quiet properties, Hydrafuse PacSTEALTH™ will keep you dry and comfortable in the harshest conditions. This fabric has an exceptional 20,000mm hydrostatic pressure and 15,000gm/m2/24hrs breathability rate.

Two large chest pockets big enough for binoculars or a SLR camera, removable caller lanyards in chest pockets, centre fire ammo holder in right hand chest pocket, two large integrated self-closing bellowed pockets with integrated hand warmer pockets. Fixed hood with TunnelTECH™ peak and adjustable perpheral vision adjustments with one touch pullers.

We have been able to reduce a large amount of bulk from the XTR Generation 4 by using waterproof zippers. The big bulky external storm flap has been removed, we now use a smaller internal storm flap to catch any water the zipper lets through. All the zippers used on the XTR Generation 4 are genuine YKK zippers and use YKK’s CNT8 coating. We have used YKK CNT8 for every zipper (main zipper, chest pockets and under arm zippers). CNT8 is YKK’s highest quality Aquaguard zipper, what this means is coating will last longer and not delaminate like inferior zippers.


We have laser cut and welded the front chest pockets to reduce the amount of water that can enter through the stitching.

The seam tape we use on the XTR Jacket Generation 4 is an American made seam tape, the brand name is “Bemis”.

Massive underarm zippers allow you to dump heat on the go, these are impressive and you will wonder why every jacket doesn’t have them!

We have reduced seams on the new XTR by 25%. The centre draw cord has been relocated to behind the lower pocket flaps to remove exposed stitching, this gives a much cleaner looking jacket and also helps minimize the chance of seam failure and bulk from the jacket.

Sizes: Only size Small left!   
Hydrafuse Pacstealth
Frost Green

Size large Generation 4 Jacket net weight = Frost 750g and Veil Camo™ 1000g
* 2-Way stretch Hydrafuse PacSTEALTH™ fabric
* Bemis brand seam tape
* Waterproof - 20,000mm hydrostatic pressure
* Breathable - 15,000gm/m2/24hrs breathability rate
* Antibacterial treatment
* Dupont Teflon DWR
* YKK™ Aquaguard zips
* TunnelTECH™ peak
* One touch pullers

Hunters Element - More Pictures of the XTR Pacstealth Jacket
Hunters Element - Three Layer System Information

System Wide Compatibility
- Layering is the most efficient way of controlling body temperature and comfort in your environment. The Hunters Element clothing range is designed to be worn in any configuration which sets it apart from the others. They call this System Wide Compatiblity or logical.

The Three Layers Consist of:

1 - The Prime Base Layer
* Comfortable next to skin
* Wick moisture away from your skin
* Quick Drying
* Warm in winter and cool in summer
* High breathability
* Resist odour causing bacteria

2 - The Furnace Insulation Layer

* Middle Insulation layer
* Warmth Management

* High Wicking Ability
* Needs to dry fast
* High loft for warmth
* High breathability
* Resist odour causing bacteria
* Durable

3 - The Barrier Shell Layer
* Outer Shell layer
* Wind and Rain Protection
* Block wind, rain and snow
* Warmth management
* Needs to dry quickly
* Ultra Packable
* DWR treatment to minimise fabric saturation


The Above Product is a Barrier Shell Layer Product

Hunters Element - Clothing Sizing
Chest (Jacket)
Waist (Jacket and Trouser)
Waist (Inseam)
85-90cm or 33-35"
71-74cm or 28-29"
90-95cm or 35-37"
76-79cm or 30-31"
95-100cm or 37-39"
81-84cm or 32-33"
100-105cm or 39-41"
86-89cm or 34-35"
105-110cm or 41-43"
91-94cm or 36-37"
110-115cm or 43-45"
96-99cm or 38-39"
115-120cm or 45-47"
101-104cm or 40-41"
120-125cm or 47-49"
106-109cm or 42-43"
125-130cm or 49-51"
111-114cm or 44-45"
130-135cm or 51-53"
116-120cm or 46-47"



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