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 Knifekut 13cm Arctic Knife
Knifekut Arctic 13cm Curved Boning Knife NZ$75 (incl. GST)
Handle: Quantity:

* Designed specifically for the New Zealand requirements in consultation with the Trade.
* Lifetime warranty against original Manufacturers defects
* Raised Ridge (bumps) Handle

Leather Sheath
Belt Loop on Sheath
* Hand Made
* Leather & Quality Rivets

* Strong industrial grade plastic resin construction
* Anti-slip, voluminous design for secure grip and safety
* White for hygeine



Model # 1002-P/3pc
General Purpose Set
Blade Length:
Handle: White

Includes: 13cm General Purpose / Curved Boning Knife, 15cm Sharpening Steel and Leather Belt Attachable Sheath

* Japanese
* Carbon
* Stain resistant steel for sharpness
* Edge retention
* Honing of blade
* Blade hardness rating, approx 52hrc (rockness)
* Hard finished edge

Straight View of the Knifekut Arctic Boning Knife


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