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 LEDLenser P18R Signature

LEDLenser P18R Signature Rechargeable Torch - 4,500 Lumens NZ$555 (incl. GST)

The P18R Signature is an incomparable light cannon. Offering LEDLenser's iconic X-Lens Technology and 4500 lumens of light. LEDLenser's patented Advanced Focus System, the Smart Light Technology for custom light functions and the extreme protection from dust, water and corrosion, leave nothing to be desired. The powerful battery is charged with the Magnetic Charge System and has a quick charge function. The compact searchlight for all outdoor adventures can also be placed on the end cap and thus positioned vertically on the ground or table. So even the darkest night sky suddenly turns to daylight.

* LEDLenser P18R Signature Torch
* 1x set of Rechargeable Batteries
* Hand Strap
* Magnetic Charging Cable
* USB Power Adapter

* High-end flashlight - with up to 4500 lumens and Constant Light for constant luminous flux over a long period of time.
* Advanced Focus System - Allows easy changing between broad floodlight and focused long distance beam.
* Smart Light Technology (SLT) with 8 light functions - Offers 8 different customizable light functions (boost, low power, mid power, high power, position, blink, S.O.S, strobe).
* X Lens Technology - Combines the output of three LEDs into one powerful light beam.
* Hard-anodized body material - provides added protection against wear and corrosion.
* Front Switch - a switch on the front of the torch so you can use one hand.
* IP-Class IP54 - protection against water projected in powerful spray.
* Memory Function - Torch will turn back on to the last light setting used.
* Magnetic Charge System - for quick and easy recharging - Recharges in 330 minutes via magnetic contacts without having to remove the battery.
* Transport lock - Prevents the light from being switched on by accident - great in a pack.
* Battery Indicator, Charge Indicator, Low Battery Warning - Makes it easy to manage your battery life.
* Flicker free constant light - Provides perfect illumination for safety around fast-moving parts and machines.
* Temperature Control System - Cools the light down so it never overheats.


* Model # LED502191
* Brightness (Boost): 4,500 lumens
* Brightness (High Power): 2,600 lumens
* Brightness (Mid Power): 1,000 lumens
* Brightness (Low Power): 30 lumens
* Beam Distance (Boost): 720 m
* Beam Distance (High Power): 420 m
* Beam Distance (Mid Power): 260 m
* Beam Distance (Low Power): 50 m
* Run Time (High Power): 2.5 hours
* Run Time (Mid Power): 4.5 hours
* Run Time (Low Power): 70 hours
* LED Configuration: 3x Xtreme LEDs
* LED Colour: White
* Colour Temperature: 6,000 to 7,200 K
* Colour Rendering Index (CRI): 70
* Water Resistance: IP54
* Weight: 637 g
* Length (Defocused): 171 mm
* Length (Focused): 178 mm
* Diameter (Head): 86 mm
* Diameter (Tube): 47 mm
* Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
* Battery Type: 1x Li-ion 11.1V
* Battery Capacity: 3,000 mAh
* Charging Time: 5.5 hours

SLT Light Functions:
* High Power - high light output for every situation.
* Mid Power - medium light output for every situation.
* Low Power - economical light for long battery life, glare-free reading and working.
* Boost - short-duration maximum power for more brightness.
* Blink - automatic emission of light impulses at regular intervals.
* Position - two short pulses of light, repeated three times, to alert others of your location.
* S.O.S - the distress signal the light emits is SOS in Morse code (3 x short, 3 x long, 3 x short).
* Strobe - flashes of light with a confusing blinding effect for, among other things, self-defence.

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More Features of the LEDLenser P18R Signature Torch
Signature Series

Represents the premium solution to the LEDLenser range. Including all of the latest technologies with a new sleek design, luxurious materials and additional accessories. This range is for people who want the “Best of the Best” lights out there on the market.

Advanced Focus System

Galileo swore by the power of lenses, Newton swore by reflectors. LEDLenser have simply combined the two technologies – but better than anyone before. The result: LEDLenser's patented Advanced Focus System (AFS).  This lens and reflector technology lets you choose between a broad floodlight or a sharply focused long-distance beam. The transition between the two light options is seamless.
X-Lens Technology

This technology is an extension of the Advanced Focus System (AFS). The X-Lens Technology combines the output of multiple LEDs into a powerful light beam and still lets you choose between either a broad floodlight or a focused long-range beam. It can merge virtually any number of reflector lenses and synchronizes its individual light beams into one perfect ray. The result is a high-grade, homogeneous floodlight in unfocused mode, as well as our most sharply focused high beam.
Smart Light Technology

This innovation turns a LEDLenser into your personal lighting tool: Using a microcontroller you can program your individual range of functions with different touch and switch combinations. That way you always have the optimal light function at hand. It provides you with the ability to customise your torch or headlamp with a variety of light functions and energy modes. Most LEDLenser lights offer you the chance to switch between different light modes (eg high, medium, low, blink, SOS etc), and some also let you manage your battery life with two energy modes – Constant Current and Energy Saving.
Rapid Focus

When focusing or defocusing the flashlight or headlamp, the reflector lens moves in relation to the LED. To ensure this process is as quick and ergonomic as possible we developed Rapid Focus: a single-hand mechanism that allows the light beam to be adjusted as fast as lightning.
Temperature Control

Hard work leaves our lights cold: A LEDLenser never gets too hot or overheats, regardless of how much you use it. This protects you from burns and the LED from overheating.

Emergency Light

This application turns your flashlight into an emergency light: When the power goes out and your Ledlenser is on its charging station, it turns on automatically. The light thus helps you to orient yourself, and you can then find the fuse box, for example.

By using rechargeable batteries, you're not just protecting your wallet, but also the environment. Regular batteries, after all, require up to 500 times more electricity to produce than they can release themselves. Combined with the energy consumption for transport and storage, the CO2 emissions are huge.

7-Year Extendable Warranty

As a guarantee of their quality, all new lights are backed by LEDLenser’s industry-leading 7-year extendable warranty, which is comprised of a warranty period of 2 years from the date of purchase and a warranty period of 7 years if you register your product online through the warranty card that comes in the packaging. The warranty is valid worldwide and legal warranty rights also apply. It covers defects in materials and workmanship. For the proper functioning of rechargeable batteries, a different warranty period of 2 years is applied. Find out more about the warranty here and find step by step instructions for registering your LEDLenser product here.
Overview of LEDLenser's P-Series and H-Series
Overview of LEDLenser

About LEDLenser

LEDLenser is a world leader in producing technologically advanced, high quality LED headlamps and torches. Designed in Germany, the products continue to revolutionise personal lighting with their incredible brightness, range and burn time.

LEDLenser’s wide range of torches and headlamps means there is a model suitable for everyone. Whether you require light for peering under the bonnet of your car, or one that can light up entire hillsides, LEDLenser have got you covered.

As a guarantee of their quality, LEDLenser torches and headlamps feature a 7-year extended warranty.

Wide range: LEDLenser's wide range of torches and headlamps have a model suitable for everyone.

Superior technology: LEDLenser torches and headlamps feature advanced technological features such as the patented Advanced Focus System, X Lens Technology and Smart Light Technology.

Bright and lightweight: LEDLenser torches and headlamps pump out an incredible amount of light for their weight.



Many revolutionary products first saw the light of day in a garage. Such was the case of the first LEDLenser. When Harald and Rainer Opolka founded the company Zweibrüder Optoelectronics in 1993, they really didn’t have much more than a garage, an old Atari computer, a set of tools, a drawing pad and around 1,000 Deutschmarks of seed capital. But that didn’t stop them from turning many a night into day with their flashes of genius, working hard and dreaming of great success during their few hours of sleep.

Their dream soon become a reality: Today, the former garage company is an international torch and headlamp producer, unmatched on a worldwide scale. With over 1,500 employees, they aim to get a little better every day – in everything they do. LEDLenser continually extends their product and accessories range, scrutinizing even tried and tested ideas, and increasingly focuses on sustainable energy sources.

Heading into the future, LEDLenser continues to stand for unique innovations, top quality, environmentally-friendly technology and prize winning design


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