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 Leica Geovid 10x42 HD-B
Leica Geovid 10x42 HD-B Rangefinder / Binoculars NZ$4665 (incl. GST)
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Model # 40049 - Metres and Yards

The overall concept of the new Geovid HD-B brings about a revolution in rangefinding. Unique to these rangefinding binoculars is the supreme optical performance of their Perger Porro prism system, the optimised ergonomics of their bridge construction, and the additional integration of an extremely high-performance laser rangefinder with a multifunction ballistic computer. The Geovid HD-B accesses an internal database with ballistic curves for practically all standard calibre ammunition. In addition, users can upload their own specific parameters for hand-loaded or special ammunition from a microSD memory card.

The newly developed ABC ballistic function (Advanced Ballistic Compensation) allows hunters to determine the point of aim much more easily and with greater precision than ever before. In fractions of a second, hunters can read off the precise parameters they need for their particular reticle or click adjustment. And all this taking the ammunition specifics, angle, temperature and barometric pressure into account.

Advantages at a glance
* Extremely long laser range of up to 1825 metres
* Advanced Ballistic Compensation (ABC®) for all hunting needs
* Point of aim correction for various reticles and ASV (rapid reticle adjustment)
* Input of the hunter's own ballistic parameters with a microSD memory card
* Calculations include angle, temperature and barometric pressure data
* Extraordinarily bright, clear and easily legible LED display with automatic adjustment to ambient lighting conditions
* Extremely short measuring time of von max. 0.3 seconds

* Ergonomic bridge construction ensures fatigue-free viewing
* Simple two-button operation
* Eyecups with 5 click-stop settings
* Particularly rugged, light and resilient fully rubber-armoured magnesium body

* MicroSD memory card
* Cordura case
* Neoprene carrying strap
* Lens Caps
* Eyepiece Covers
* Lithium Battery


* Sharp, high-contrast view with outstanding depth and plasticity, thanks to Perger Porro prisms
* AquaDura® coating for easier cleaning
* Extremely high light transmission and particularly neutral colour rendition

* Magnification:
* Front lens diameter:
* Exit pupil:
* Twilight factor:
* Field of view at 1000 m:
* Field of view at 1000 yds:
* Eye-Relief:
* Objective angle of view: 6.5°
* Close focusing distance:
5m / 16.5ft
* Dioptre compensation: approx. ± 4 dioptres
* Distance measurement:
- Range: 10 m up to approx. 1,825 m/10 yds to approx. 2,000 yds
- Accuracy: ± 10 m/yd up to 1,830 m/2,000 yds
± 1 m/yd up to 500 m/550 yds
± 2 m/yds up to 1,000 m/1,100 yds
± 0.5 % beyond 1,000 m/1,100 yds
* Display:
4-digit LED display and ambient light based brightness adjustment
* Eyepieces for eyeglass wearers:
* Sliding eyecups:
yes, removable, with 4 detent positions
* Adjustable interpupillary distance:
56–74 mm
* Focusing:
Internal focusing unit using center spindle
* Coating:
HDC® multi-layer coating, Leica AquaDura™ coating
* Prism system:
Perger-Porro prism
* Watertightness: Impermeable to water up to 5m / 16.5ft depth

* Housing: Magnesium, nitrogen-filled
* Dimensions (WxHxD): 125 x 174 x 70 mm / 47⁄8 x 67⁄8 x 23⁄4 in
* Weight:
approx. 945 g/34.7 oz incl. battery
* Meter / Yard selector: yes, by software

* Laser: Invisible, safe for eyes in compliance with EN and FDA class1
* Laser beam divergence: 2.7 x 1.0 mrad

* Measuring time: max. 0.3 s
* Measuring functions: Single mode, scan mode
* Ballistic functions: Equivalent horizontal range (EHR), holdover, number of clicks required on elevation turret
* Bullet trajectories: 12 fixed pre-installed curves. Integration of custom data using microSD card
* Power supply: 1 x 3V/lithium circular cell CR2
* Battery lifetime: approx. 2,000 measurements at 20°C/68°F e

Functions of the Leica Geovid 10x42 HD-B Rangefinder / Binoculars
Function 1

When using a classical hunting reticle, the point-of-impact correction is applied by means of an elevation adjustment. The Geovid HD-B displays the distance and the elevation correction (centimetres or inches). The value displayed relates to the target and shows the required deviation from point blank.

Function 2

If the point-of-impact correction is applied by click adjustments with rapid reticle adjustment (Absehenschnellverstellung - ASV), the number of clicks required to adjust the reticle can be displayed. Display formats: 1 MOA, 1/3 MOA, 1/4 MOA, 10 mm/100 m, 5 mm/100 m.

Function 3

When using a ballistic reticle, level terrain distance information is vital for a precise shot. As in all other functions, this information is provided under automatic consideration of the angle of declination, temperature and barometric pressure.
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