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 McMurdo Location Beacon
McMurdo Fast Find 211 Personal Location Beacon NZ$595 (incl. GST)

Model # 91-001-211A

The McMurdo Fast-Find 211 is a 406 MHz Personal Location Beacon (PLB) that should be carried by individuals, who are embarking on trips into areas around the world where there is little or no other form of communication or where other forms of communication are unlikely to work.

The McMurdo Fast-Find Mini PLB acts as your personal Emergency Location Beacon, it is your last resort communication to the national and international search and rescue bodies and it should not be mis-used. The McMurdo Fast-Find mini is designed as a direct communication, to the 406 MHz Search and Rescue satellite system, its signal indicates that you are in need of urgent response and assistance. 

The McMurdo Fast-Find Mini's small size belies its rugged construction and powerful output. There is no compromise. Once activated, the distress beacon will obtain a GPS position, send out a signal for help, and continue to transmit for at least 24 hours, at a powerful 5 watt output, ensuring that your call for help gets through whatever the conditions. The McMurdo Fast-Find 211 pocket sized beacon transmits at the press of a button, to alert search and rescue services to your plight. A built in strobe can be activated to automatically flash SOS to any response activity.


The McMurdo Fast-Find Mini weighs just 5.3 oz (150g) and measures D 34mm x W 47mm x L 106mm. It is extremely sturdy and designed to cope with temperatures as low as -20°. The Fast Find's battery is designed to run for a minimum of 24 hours at the end of 5 years after which it can be easily replaced at our service centre.

Internationally approved
* Compact, lightweight and waterproof
* Transmits on 406 and 121.5MHz
* Global emergency alerting via COSPAS-SARSAT satellites
* 50 channel integral GPS
* 60 comprehensive diagnostic and self-tests during battery life
* 5 year battery life
* Minimum of 24 hours continuous operation
* SOS Morse LED flash light
* Simple three-stage activation

The Fast Find 211, User manual, Warranty card, Registration card and Operating card

Another Picture of the McMurdo Fast Find 211:


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