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 Tatonka Barrel Bag Medium
Tatonka Medium Barrel Bag - 65 Litres NZ$190 (incl. GST)
Colour: Quantity:

Extremely strong sporty travelling bag in six sizes. With the material mix of tarpaulin and Textreme, the Barrel is one of our most indestructible travel bags. Available in six different sizes, there is guaranteed to be the suitable bag for every taste and purpose. All the bags have a padded base, a mesh pocket under the lid and extra wide hand and shoulder straps. The models S to XXL have two padded shoulder straps, which can be completely stowed away in a pocket or used to carry the bag on the shoulders like a rucksack.

Measurements: 38cm x 38cm x 61cm
Capacity: 65L
Weight: 1.50 kg
System: S-Shaped Shoulder Straps
Material 1: Tarpaulin 1000
Bottom Material: Textreme 6.6
Colours: Black and Bright Blue
Model Numbers: TA1998.040 (Black) and TA1998.194 (Blue)




The models S to XL have two padded shoulder straps, which can be completely stowed away in a pocket or used to carry the bag on the shoulders like a rucksack. The barrel bags are a signature product for Tatonka and they are sold by every distributor of Tatonka in the world. Virtually indestructible, they are a great addition to any expedition.

* Sturdy and easy-care materials
* Padded base
* Mesh pocket under the lid
* Extra-wide hand and shoulder straps (70 mm)
* Attachment for optional shoulder strap (shoulder strap not included)
* Padded handles on both sides
* Two concealed rucksack shoulder straps
* Name tag

Picture of the Tatonka Medium Barrel Bag in Bright Blue
About Tatonka

Tatonka = Bison. Tatonka means Bison in the language of the Lakota Sioux. The Bison is a magnificent animal. Tatonka have chosen it as their trademark because it symbolises power, strength, endurance, freedom, and harmony with nature. These are qualities they build into every Tatonka product, to help you on life's expeditions.

Decades of outdoor experience can be found in Tatonka products. They develop, manufacture and test the products themselves – and deliver them all over the world. They then receive valuable feedback, which flows back into their product development. Tatonka’s philosophy has always been that the consumers experience is more important than maximising profit. This is why they offer you high-quality, brand-name products that provide excellent value for money.

As outdoor experts, Tatonka knows that functionality is what counts in the great outdoors. Therefore, their product designs focus on what matters: lots of sensible functions and no unnecessary extras. The products are honest, functional and ready for life’s expeditions – “Expedition Life”. As a family-run business in their second generation, Tatonka can guarantee the products that carry the Tatonka name are only products that they themselves would take on an expedition.

You can rely on Tatonka products. Unconditionally. Tatonka do not outsource any aspect of production - each is made by ‘Tatonka’ – from the initial idea, down to the final stitch. They stand behind their products with a comprehensive 2 year warranty.

Tatonka is a leading manufacturer of outdoor equipment: backpacks, tents and functional clothing and is highly regarded worldwide. There are 60 employees working at the German headquarters (Dasing). For many years, the production work has been carried out in Vietnam under the guidance of strict quality, social and sustainable management.

And what will your next outdoor adventure be? Are you dreaming of long treks in deserted wilderness with plenty of equipment? Or would you prefer to make more rapid progress with just the bare essentials on your back? Do you want to travel the whole world? Or will you be facing the weather conditions closer to home? Wherever your own personal "Expedition Life" takes you – with Tatonka products you have reliable and loyal companions by your side that are suitable for you and your favourite pastimes. As they are specially developed according to your individual needs and the special conditions outside: with practical details, but without unnecessary gimmicks. Made from robust, yet light materials.



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