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Hornady Ammunition  



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Hornady Ammunition
20 per pack unless otherwise stated
Ammunition - Accurate. Deadly. Dependable.®

All Hornady® ammunition is built to provide shooters and hunters with the HIGHEST performance available on the market today – period!

The employees and family management group of Hornady take great pride in leading the industry in ammunition development and advancement. Products such as 17 HMR®, 204 Ruger, LEVERevolution®, Critical Defense® and the latest technological innovation, Superformance™ Ammunition have literally revolutionized the shooting sports and helped to drive the industry. The entire team at Hornady treats every new creation like it is something they would use themselves – because they do.

Bullets: The bullet makes the cartridge, and Hornady bullets are peerless. World record setting accuracy, innovative new products, ultra-high ballistic coefficients, unprecedented terminal performance, and lot-to-lot consistency all combine to set Hornady bullets apart from the competition.

Cartridge Cases: All Hornady ammunition is loaded using premium cartridge cases, with most being made on-site at the Hornady case production plant. As with all Hornady products, only the highest quality raw materials are used and our manufacturing process and quality control procedures lead the industry in consistency and efficiency.

Powder: Hornady uses only premium propellants, and isn’t married to one particular powder vendor, so when decisions are made for specific loads, the ONLY consideration is performance. Propellants are chosen for each individual load, and every offering must provide the very best accuracy and temperature stability to ensure that whether you’re hunting in Alaska or Africa, you will get the performance and accuracy needed to take that trophy of a lifetime.

Quality: We produce only the highest quality ammunition because our technicians and ballisticians hunt and shoot and they, like our customers, are only satisfied with the very best.

Hornady Critical Defense Ammunition

Hornady Critical Defense ammunition is the pinnacle in self defense ammunition. The patented FTX® bullet will expand reliably EVERY SINGLE TIME! Optimized propellants burn quickly, reduce recoil and limit muzzle flash to protect.
357 Magnum
#90500  125gr FTX

Hornady Critical Defense® ammunition is the pinnacle in self defense ammunition

* Unaffected by thick and heavy clothing, including denim and leather.
* Patented FTX bullet delivers superior controlled expansion and large, deep wound cavities over a wide range of velocities.
* Clean burning and stable propellants reduce recoil in lightweight handguns, and perform consistently in all temperatures.
* Minimal muzzle flash protects night vision.
* Feeds reliably in all pistols.
* Shiny silver nickel plating prevents corrosion, and is easily visible in low light situations.
* Bullets are cannelured and crimped to avoid bullet setback.
* Bullets are custom designed for individual loads.
* The most effective, consistent, and reliable self-defense ammunition available today!

38SPCL + P
#90311  110gr FTX

#90310  110gr FTX 

380 AUTO
#90080  90gr FTX  NZ$ POA
40 S&W
#91340  165gr FTX  
#90900  185gr FTX 
9mm Luger
#90250  115gr FTX 
PRICE ON APPLICATION: Please email us for the price and availability of any ammunition at
Hornady Dangerous Game Ammunition

Hornady's Round Nose and Round Nose FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) bullets have reached legendary status among safari hunters, and we've raised the bar again with the introduction of the DGX® and DGX®.
375 H&H
#82312 270gr SP-RP  NZ$ POA
#8508  270gr SP-RP Superformance NZ$ POA
#82322  300gr DGS  NZ$ POA
#8509  300gr DGS Superformance NZ$ POA
#82332  300gr DGX  NZ$ POA
375 Ruger
#8231 270gr SP-RP Superformance NZ$ POA

Fear No Evil

Hornady InterLock and FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) bullets have reached legendary status among safari hunters, and we've raised the bar again with the introduction of the best large game bullets we've ever seen - the DGS (Dangerous Game Solid) and the DGX (Dangerous Game eXpanding). Both bullets are made with a hard lead/antimony alloy cone, surrounded by a copper clad steel jacket. These bullets feature a flat meplat for straighter penetration and create more energy transfer than a simple round profile bullet.

Hornady Dangerous Game Series ammunition is designed specifically for large game and safari hunting. These cartridges feature both classic bullets, like the 270 gr InterLock Spire Point-Recoil Proof, as well as our new flagship DGS and DGX bullets. All ammunition is designed to work well in all rifles, and meticulous attention was devoted to ensure that ammunition like the 450/400 Nitro Express 3", and 450 Nitro Express 3-1/4" regulate properly in both classic doubles and their younger counterparts.

Load your rifle with Hornady Dangerous Game Series Ammunition or InterLock SP or SP-RP bullets and FEAR NO EVIL!

Depending on the caliber, Hornady Dangerous Game Series ammunition is loaded with Hornady DGS, DGX, SP or SP-RP bullets.

#8234  225gr SP-RP  NZ$ POA

#8237  270gr SP-RP  NZ$ POA
#8239  400gr DGS  NZ$ POA
#8238  400gr DGX  NZ$ POA
#8265  400gr DGS  NZ$ POA
#82663  400gr DGX  NZ$ POA
#82666  400gr DGS  NZ$ POA
#82665  400gr DGX  NZ$ POA
450 Nitro Express
#8256  480gr DGS  NZ$ POA

#8255  480gr DGX  NZ$ POA
#8242  400gr DGS  NZ$ POA
#82433  400gr DGX  NZ$ POA
458 LOTT
#8262  500gr DGS HM  NZ$ POA
#82613  500gr DGX HM  NZ$ POA
458 WIN
#8585  500gr DGS Superformance NZ$ POA
#85833  500gr DGX Superformance NZ$ POA
#8264  500gr DGS NZ$ POA
#8263  500gr DGX NZ$ POA
#8269  570gr DGS NZ$ POA
#8268  570gr DGX NZ$ POA
9.3 x 62
#82303 286gr SP-RP NZ$ POA
9.3 x 74R
#82304  286gr SP-RP NZ$ POA
PRICE ON APPLICATION: Please email us for the price and availability of any ammunition at
Hornady LEVERevolution Ammunition

LEVERevolution is the most exciting thing to ever happen to lever gun ammunition. Hornady, the leader in ballistic technology, brings you an innovation in ammunition performance featuring state of the industry elastomer Flex Tip™ Technology that is SAFE in your tubular magazine.
30-30 WIN
#82731 140gr Monoflex NZ$ POA
#82730  160gr FTX NZ$ POA
#82733 160gr FTX  NZ$ POA
#82734 140gr Monoflex NZ$ POA

All Other Lever Loads are Pointless!

LEVERevolution is the most exciting thing to ever happen to lever gun ammunition. Hornady, the leader in ballistic technology, brings you an innovation in ammunition performance featuring state of the industry patented, FTX (Flex Tip eXpanding) bullets that are SAFE in your tubular magazine. Its higher ballistic coefficient delivers dramatically flatter trajectories for fantastic downrange energy increases and amazing bullet expansion at all ranges. It truly is an evolution in lever gun ammunition!

  • Up to 250 feet per second faster muzzle velocity than conventional lever gun loads.
  • Exceptional accuracy and overwhelming downrange terminal performance.
  • Patented FTX bullet featuring Flex Tip Technology.
  • Up to 40% more energy than traditional flat point loads.

The innovative LEVERevolution bullet design may require a newer magazine follower to provide best possible functioning of the last round out of the magazine. These magazine followers may be purchased from the manufacturer of your firearm. For optimum performance we do not recommend storing LEVERevolution ammunition in tubular magazines for extended periods, as this can result in tip deformation.

Hornady LEVERevolution ammunition is loaded with FTX bullets.

#82732 165gr FTX  NZ$ POA

#82240 200gr FTX  NZ$ POA
35 REM
#82735 200gr FTX  NZ$ POA
357 MAG
#92755 140gr FTX  NZ$ POA
44 MAG
#92782 225gr FTX  NZ$ POA
#82744 265gr FTX  NZ$ POA
#92792 225gr FTX  NZ$ POA
45-70 GOVT
#82741 250gr Monoflex  NZ$ POA
#82747 325gr FTX  NZ$ POA
#82750 325gr FTX  NZ$ POA
PRICE ON APPLICATION: Please email us for the price and availability of any ammunition at

Hornady Pistol Ammunition
25 Auto - 20per/pack
#90012  35gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA 
32 Auto - 25per/pack
#90062  60gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
380 Auto 25per/pack
#90102  90gr JHP/XTP NZ$ POA
9x18 Makarov   - 25per/pack
#91002  95gr JHP/XTP NZ$ POA
9mm Luger   - 25per/pack
#90252  115gr JHP/XTP NZ$ POA
#90242  124gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
#90282  147gr HP/XTP NZ$ POA
38 Special 25per/pack
#90322  125gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
#90362  158gr JHP/XTP
357 Magnum - 25per/pack
#90502  125gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
#90552  140gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
#90562  158gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
357 SIG - 20per/pack
#9130  124gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
#9131  147gr JFP/XTP  NZ$ POA
40 S&W 20per/pack
#9132  155gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
#9136  180gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
10mm -  20per/pack
#9122  155gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
#9126  180gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
#9129  200gr JHP/XTP Full Load  NZ$ POA
44-40 Cowboy - 20per/pack
#9075  205gr Cowboy  NZ$ POA
44 Special - 20per/pack
#9070  180gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
44 Magnum   20per/pack
#9080  200gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
#9081  180gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
#9085  240gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
#9088  300gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
45 ACP - 20per/pack
#9090  185gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
#9112  200gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
#9097  230gr FMJ-RN  NZ$ POA
45 ACTP PLUS - 20per/pack
#9113  200gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
#9096  230gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
45 Long Colt - 20per/pack
#9115  255gr Cowboy  NZ$ POA
460 S & W - 20per/pack
#9152  200gr SST  NZ$ POA
454 CASULL - 20per/pack
#9148  240gr XTP/MAG  NZ$ POA
#9150  300gr JHP/XTP  NZ$ POA
455 Webley  - 20per/pack
#95004  265gr RN  NZ$ POA
475 LINEBAUGH - 20per/pack
#9140  400gr XTP  NZ$ POA
480 RUGER - 20per/pack
#9138  325gr XTP Mag  NZ$ POA
50 AE - 20per/pack
#9245  300gr XTP/HP NZ$ POA
500 S&W - 20per/pack
#9249  300gr S&W Evolution NZ$ POA
#9250  350gr XTP/MAG  NZ$ POA
#9252  500gr XTP/FP NZ$ POA
PRICE ON APPLICATION: Please email us for the price and availability of any ammunition at

Hornady Shotgun Slug Ammunition - Per 5

Whether it's our long-range, hard-hitting SST® shotgun slugs or the tight patterns and consistent performance of our buckshot, Hornady shotgun ammo gives you a true hunting advantage.
12GA SST Slug  - 5per/pack
#8623  300gr SST W/SABOT

SST® Slugs Features:

Patented FTX® Bullet - The sharp point increases the ballistic coefficient of the FTX®, allowing it to fly faster, farther and on a flatter trajectory. On impact, the Flex Tip initiates expansion at all velocities.

Unmatched Long Range Accuracy - The SST® Shotgun Slug delivers true 200 yard accuracy and you'll achieve sub-2" groups at 100 yards. No other slug gun ammo can come close to the performance of the SST®.

Hard-hitting Terminal Performance - The SST® Shotgun Slug packs a target-dropping punch! The 12 GA 300 gr FTX® delivers a crushing 1793 ft/lbs of energy at 100 yards and the smaller, 20 GA 250 gr FTX® delivers an impressive 1200 ft/lbs of energy at the same distance.

20GA SST Slug - 5per/pack
#86232  250gr SST W/SABOT
12GA Buckshot - 5per/pack
#86243  Varmint Express # 4
12ga 00 Buckshot - 5per/pack
#8624  Light Magnum

12ga 00 Buckshot
- 5per/pack
#86240  Critical Defence

12ga 00 Buckshot - 5per/pack
#86246  Superformance

Buckshot® Features

Reliable Functioning - Specially loaded to ensure proper functioning in semi-auto and pump shotguns

Consistent Performance - Our Versatite™ wad technology delivers tight patterns every single time without modification to your gun.

PRICE ON APPLICATION: Please email us for the price and availability of any ammunition at
Hornady American Whitetail Shotgun Slugs

Hornady American Whitetail Ammunition for Smooth Bore Barrels - 12 Gauge 2-3/4" 1oz Rifled Slug NZ$ POA (incl. GST)
Model # 86234
Shell Length: 2-3/4"
Shot of Slug Type: Rifled Lead Slug
Barrel Type: Smooth Bore
Slug Weight: 1 Ounce
Quantity: 5 rounds per box

Turn your smooth-bore shotgun into a deer hunting machine with the American Whitetail® rifled slug. Designed for smooth-bore barrels, Hornady® American Whitetail® Rifled Slugs are loaded with a 1-ounce foster style slug. The hollow point style slug features a tough, lead alloy core loaded to 1,600 feet per second. The compression style wad protects the slug at ignition and helps to seal the bore for maximum velocity.


Hornady American Whitetail Ammunition for Rifled Barrels - 12 Gauge 2-3/4" 325gr Interlock NZ$ POA (incl. GST)
Model # 86271
Shell Length: 2-3/4"
Shot of Slug Type: Hollow Point Sabot Slug
Barrel Type: Rifled Bore
Slug Weight: 325gr
Quantity: 5 rounds per box

Designed for fully rifled barrels, Hornady American Whitetail Slugs are loaded with 325 grain Hornady InterLock bullets. A hollow point serrated design initiates rapid expansion upon impact, and a tough, lead alloy core is lethal out to 200+ yards. The rigid polycarbonate sabot ensures accuracy. The end result is an accurate delivery system for a tough shotgun slug capable of taking the biggest Midwestern whitetails.

PRICE ON APPLICATION: Please email us for the price and availability of any ammunition at


'Mail Order Sales' Form Required to Purchase Ammunition

Dear Valued Customer,

Please note that all mail order purchases of firearms and ammunitions must be accompanied by a completed 'Mail Order Sales' (MOS) Form (the instructions for this are below), which provides for proof and verification of your firearms licence, directly from a Police-Officer. The MOS Form is valid for the 7 days following the date the Police-Officer completes it and as such, if you haven't submitted your order for a Firearm and/or Ammunition to us already, you will need to make sure you do so within this time-frame. The MOS Form only applies to the purchase of the Firearms and Ammunitions that you have specified in the MOS Form and accordingly you will need to complete a further MOS Form for any subsequent, or other, Firearm or Ammunition purchases. For more information, please refer to the MOS bulletin (released by the New Zealand Police) which you can find here.

Instructions for Purchasing Firearms and/or Ammunition:

Step 1: Complete your Firearm and/or Ammunition order through our website, by email, by post, or by telephone (we will get your order ready and will then hold it until the relevant Police-Officer has emailed us the 'Mail Order Sale' (MOS) Form).
Step 2: Print the MOS Form which you can find here and complete the required areas (i.e. your details and the details of the Firearm and/or Ammunition you have ordered). We have already completed the 'Seller/Supplier' details on the MOS Form.
Step 3: Visit your nearest Police-Station with the MOS Form and your current firearms licence.
Step 4: Ask a Police-Officer to firstly, complete the remaining section of the MOS Form and to secondly, email the MOS Form to us at from a valid New Zealand Police email-address.
Step 5: Visit our store to pick up your new Firearm and/or Ammunition or wait for it to be delivered to your house!


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