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Black Powder    
Hornady - Black Powder Products
Hornady Hard Balls
Hornady Hard Balls 50 Cal .485" with Plastic Patches NZ$26 (incl. GST)

* Model # 6950
* Caliber:
50 Cal .485" Dia
* Application:
Medium Game (50-300 lbs)
* Quantity:
20 per pack

Created with the same exacting precision as Hornady's cold swaged Round Balls, Hornady designed a special plastic patch that makes these 50 Cal. Hard Balls easy to load while flying true to the target every time.


Hornady Sabots with Projectiles

Sabots with Projectiles -
The Hornady XTP Mag in 240 and 300 grain, along with the black sabot, were specially designed for hunting with today's high-performance in-line muzzleloading rifles. The XTP Mag bullet's heavy-duty precision construction delivers pinpoint accuracy and controlled expansion at the high velocities produced by 150 grain loads. Combine the XTP Mag with a black savot, and you have the ultimate in black powder knock-down power and accuracy.

If you have a more traditional muzzleloader, you can get a huge step up in perfomance with our Hornady green sabots. Load up to two Pyrodex pellets or 100 grains of powder, and get the same benefit - accuracy and extreme terminal penetration!

  SST - Featuring Flex Tip technololgy, the SST-ML penetrates better, retains more weight, and expands more aggressively. It all adds up to a deadlier, more accurate muzzleloading experience.
45cal Sabot  40 200gr SST/ML  (20) NZ$33 (incl. GST)
Model # 67132
  50cal Sabot 44 240gr HP/XTP (20) NZ$28 (incl. GST)
Model # 6720
50cal  Sabot 45 240gr XTP/Mag (15)  NZ$32 (incl. GST)
Model # 6727
  50cal  LNL Low Drag with 45cal 250gr SST (10)  NZ$34 (incl. GST)
Model # 67270
50cal  Sabot Low Drag 45 250gr SST (20)  NZ$35 (incl. GST)
Model # 67273
  50cal Sabot 45 300gr XTP/MAG (20)  NZ$33 (incl. GST)
Model # 6726
50cal Sabot Low Drag 45 300gr SST (10)  NZ$35 (incl. GST)
Model #67271
  50cal Sabot Low Drag 45 300gr SST (20)  NZ$35 (incl. GST)
Model # 67263
Hornady Muzzleloading Projectiles (no sabot)
45cal 250gr SST/ML  (100) NZ$74 (incl. GST)
Model # 45202
  45cal 300gr SST/ML  (50) NZ$78 (incl. GST)
Model # 45207
50cal  350gr FPB (15)  NZ$40 (incl. GST)
Model # 6600

- A specially engineered profile requires a mere 25 pounds of loading force, making it one of the easiest loading muzzleloader projectiles on the market. 5-shotsAnd the FPB delivers astounding accuracy from the full spectrum of 50 caliber muzzleloading rifles. The engineer assigned to the FPB project was tasked with making it work flawlessly in all 50 cal muzzleloaders. And did he ever deliver. A picture is worth a thousand words; that's five shots at 100 yards.

The FPB features Hornady's exclusive Flex Tip Technology. The Flex Tip creates a very streamlined and very durable meplat that maximizes exterior ballistics - a BC of .285 makes the FPB one of the most ballistically efficient full-diameter muzzleloader projectiles on the market (Compare PowerBelt's® .220 for the 348 gr. AT). Upon impact the flexible elastomer tip compresses into the nose of the bullet, causing violent expansion across the widest range of velocities (800 to 2000+ fps) ever. This violent expansion creates a large temporary cavity, resulting in a VERY dynamic transfer of energy for quick kills and minimal tracking.

The new FPB does it all - loads easy, delivers surgical accuracy and devastating terminal performance. So now you don't have to compromise or shoot a muzzleloader bullet that has to wear a plastic skirt.

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