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Compact Bow     


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Perfect Line Compact Bow
Compact Bows
Perfect Line Compact Bow NZ$360 (incl. GST)
* Autumn camo
* Poundage adjustable 40lb - 65lb
* Draw adjustable 26" -31" adjustments by rotating module
* Limbs compression moulded fiberglass
* Strong lightweight alloy riser
* Axle - axle 40 1/8" split yoke
* Solid draw stop
* String & cable material formula 8124


Compact Bow Arrows
Perfect Line Carbon Arrows NZ$125 for pack of 12 (incl. GST)
Superior quality, performance and speed.

* 30" long
* screw in field point
* super style push in nock
* 4" vanes
* bows to 55lbs.

Compact Bow Blades
Buffalo River Broadheads 3 Blade 125Gn NZ$23 for pack of 3 (incl. GST)

Model # BRA8183

* 16/1000 inch thick stainless steel blades
* Aluminum alloy ferrule
* Carbon steel point
* Precise blade alignment and correct amount of tightness can be easily achieved by adjusting the retaining collar.

Hunting with Archery starts with many hours practice developing the skills to accurately fire this several thousand-year-old invention. The range of Archery includes many models suitable for the new user or younger hunters, however it is important that they are used correctly and safely




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