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Other Gun Cleaning Accessories
Gun Cleaning Cloths
Mil Spec 4" x 2" Flannel Gun Cleaning Cloth NZ$6.50 (incl. GST)

This Mil Spec Flannel Gun Cleaning Cloth is 4 inches wide with 2 inch red lines to indicate where the cloth should be ripped. Approximately 8.5 metres in length.


Brass Jags
Dewey Brass Jags - Parker Hale Style NZ$17 (incl. GST)
Caliber: Thread: Quantity:

Calibers: .22, .243 and .30
Thread: Male Only

Parker Hale Style Jags are specifically designed to wrap patches around the jag for maximum cleaning surface. The female jags are made for Dewey coated rods and the male jags are made for all standard rods.


Collings No. 90 Barrel Solvent
Collings No. 90 Barrel Solvent NZ$16 (incl. GST)

* 250ml Can

A modern highly penetrative, non abrasive, oil based solvent.  For removing projectile, powder, primer and plastic fouling from all firearm barrels 






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