Ridgeline Flood Bushshirt
Ridgeline Flood Bushshirt - Camo NZ$112 (incl. GST)
Only Limited Sizes Left!
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We really like our easy on/off Flood Bushshirt, which you can slip on for a last look down the river flats in the evening or wear all day at work or play. We've put together bonded fleece with a waterproof breathable membrane and added one big zipped chest pocket and two zipped waist pockets.
  With a generous front zip and comfort collar, we are confident that our Flood will be hard to beat on price and practicality. Keep it handy on the back seat of the truck for every day wear, and if you losea dog out hunting, just put it down in the bush, your finder will be sitting on it the next day.

Only size 2XL left!
Buffalo Camo
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