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Target Shooting    


Target Shooting
Gun Rests
MTM Case-Gard Quick Rest Front Rifle Rest NZ$25 (incl. GST)

MTM Quick Rest is a lightweight, simple designed front rifle rest. Ideal for checking your rifle at hunting camp or at the range. The rest is non-adjustable and is hollow in design to make it lightweight.

* Model # QR30
* Quick and simple front rifle rest
* Solid one-piece plastic shooting rest with built in handle
* Wide wobble-free stance with padded feet
* Non-marring shooting pad to protect your firearm
* If you are looking for a lightweight benchrest, you have found it. Made in USA


Hughes Ez-Rest  NZ$93 (incl. GST)
Multipurpose Gun Rest


- The Ez-Rest is sturdy, yet lightweight enough to be carried anywhere.
- Excellent for use in the field
- Single-Leg-Adjust for Easy Height Adjustment up to 1-1/2"
- Great for Sighting in Pistols (6' Barrel Minimum)
- Comes with Dog Earred Bag

Caldwell Zero-Max Shooting Rest NZ$104 (incl. GST)
The Caldwell Zero-Max Shooting Rest is a full-length metal rest that comes packed with all of the features that today's shooters demand. This "no frills" full-length rest offers the shooter a rock solid platform for quick and convenient set-up without the expense and complexity of other rests.

Caldwell "The Rock" Deluxe Front Rest NZ$239 (incl. GST)
The Rock Deluxe Shooting Rest includes elements that precision shooters have used for years to make their shooting more productive and more accurate. It features an extra wide stance and 5-1/2 lb aluminum and steel construction.
The cradle height adjusts from 4-1/2" to 7-1/4" with a forend stop for quick retargeting, while adjustable hard-point feet and an integral bubble level help position the rest for maximum accuracy. The ram is made of sturdy 1" diameter steel for rock solid support. Includes unfilled medium rest bag.

Shooting Sand Bags
Caldwell Deluxe Universal Rear Steady Sand Bag - Unfilled NZ$84 (incl. GST)

The Caldwell Universal Rear Rest Bag features an innovative design with the shooter in mind. These high-quality shooting bags feature a traditional leather top surface that provides a smooth, non-marring, secure rest. The Cordura sides, which will not stretch or sag, maintain the bag's original shape.

* Model # 226-645

* Material: 5 oz. Top Grain Cowhide (Leather) and Cordura Nylon

* Dimensions - Base = 7.4" long x 5.3" wide,and 2.9" high
* Dimensions - Ears = 3.6" long x 2" thick x 2.6" high
* Works well with Caldwell Rock Deluxe Front Rest as well as Wichita, Hoppes, Sinclair, Hoene's, SYG and most other mechanical front rests
* Base and 2 "ears" are separate compartments that need to be filled individually
* Should be filled with dry silica sand or other inert fillers


Caldwell Targets

Caldwell Ultimate Target Stand with Target Backer
(incl. GST)

Model # 707055

This durable stand features a oversized backer to hold up multiple large targets (two 15" targets side by side) and is constructed of an all-weather moisture resistant material. The modular frame collapses to occupy less space during transport and storage. The frame arms are constructed of durable steel rod and hold the backer securely in place. Removable ground stabilizer adds support from wind during use and conveniently stows onto feet. The base of the stand is open so that you can use your foot to drive the molded-in spikes into the ground. This stand also has an integrated storage container for holding miscellaneous range supplies such as staples or target pasters.

* Stand Height (not including ground spikes or target holders): 20"
* Clip Height (Bottom of target board above stand): 3"

* Frame Material: Molded plastic and Steel
* Package Size: 10.5" wide x 24" high x 2" deep
Ultra-Stable design
* Extra large backer can hold two 15"x15" targets side by side
* Great for sighting in or patterning
* Collapses for easy transport


Hornady Targets
Hornady Lock-N-Load® Targets 12" x 12" - Pack of 10 Sheets NZ$22 (incl. GST)
Size: Colour: Quantity:

* Model # 9963
* Background Colour:
* Target Ring Colour: White
* Bulls-eye Colour: Red/Black
* Target Height: 12 inches
* Target Width: 12 inches

Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Targets are a a great way to practice shooting and sight in your guns. These targets feature a half-inch grid pattern and multiple aiming points. Vivid white bullet holes provide long-range visibility without binoculars or spotting scopes. Immediate feedback makes target practice fun and productive.


Hornady Lock-N-Load® Targets 12" x 12" - Pack of 100 Sheets NZ$167 (incl. GST)
Size: Colour: Quantity:

* Model # 9963B
* Background Colour:
* Target Ring Colour: White
* Bulls-eye Colour: Red/Black
* Target Height: 12 inches
* Target Width: 12 inches

Hornady® Lock-N-Load® Targets are a a great way to practice shooting and sight in your guns. These targets feature a half-inch grid pattern and multiple aiming points. Vivid white bullet holes provide long-range visibility without binoculars or spotting scopes. Immediate feedback makes target practice fun and productive.


Gun Vises

Tipton Gun Vise NZ$148 (incl. GST)

Secure your rifle or shotgun for just about any work you want to perform on it. The Tipton Gun Vise is an ideal "third hand" for cleaning and gunsmithing. It features a rubberized cradle and jaws to protect and grip your gun, a quick release cam action for easy access, molded-in compartments for solvents and small parts, and is made of tough, solvent-resistant polymers.

Tipton Gun Butler NZ$83 (incl. GST)

* All-in-one cleaning and storage
* Compartments for cleaning supplies
* Nonmarring forks

An affordable, all-in-one solution for cleaning, carrying and storage. Removable, nonmarring forks securely hold your gun during cleaning and conveniently store in the base for saving space on the shelf. Organized compartments and slots hold solvents, brushes, jags and cleaning rods for easy access. Carry handle for easy transport. Durable plastic construction.
MTM Case-Gard GV-30 Gun Vise NZ$97 (incl. GST)

MTM Case-Gard's alternative to a normally high-dollar shooter's item. Any type of gunsmithing or maintenance needed for your rifle or shotgun can be done with the MTM MSRP. This vice is packed full of all the features you find in pricier models, but sells for a fraction of the cost.

The MTM Gun Vise features a fast, single adjustment clamp down and a secure non-marring hold. The gun forks are positioned high and low giving the option of a level clamp up for maintenance, or a sloped clamp up for drainage. Shotgun barrels are held securely for easy cleaning.


Gehmann Single Point Rifle Sling NZ$90 (incl. GST) 

* Made of black, artificial non-stretch material
* Great value for money this sling offers the opportunity of non-stretch positional security and long service life by use of the very latest manufactured materials
* Stepped sizing round the cuff with loop for overlap
* Double prong buckle for length of sling from shoulder to rifle
* Model # 432


Clay Trap Throwers

Do-All Outdoors - Clay Hawk Full Cock Trap  NZ$140 (incl. GST)


For hours of easy cocking, the Do-All Clay Hawk Full Cock Trap features a 3-pivot mount that lets you throw single or stacked double targets up to 70 yards in all directions with a simple squeeze of the finger. Plus, it mounts high enough above the ground to place a chair on so you can sit and shoot all day long

The Clay Hawk throws targets as singles and nested pairs of stacked doubles. The triangular base is ultra-stable and sits high enough off the ground that you can operate the trap from a chair. Three pivot mounts allow you to throw targets in all directions, and it includes ground spikes for stability

* Full Cock Clay Hawk Trap
* Tetrahedron base for strength and stability
* Long ground spikes to grip the earth
* Trap mounts high enough above the ground to place a chair for comfort
* 3-pivot mount allos you to throw targets in all directions
* Throws all five targets as singles, nested pairs or stacked doubles
* Sliding adjustable clip allows for speed and direction
* Comes With Instruction Manual


Do-All Outdoors - Clay Trap Thrower - Competitor NZ$98 (incl. GST)
Code: TRAP-400
Adjustable Angles and Distances

This clay target thrower throws singles, stacked doubles, or side by side doubles. Color: Yellow. Two-year limited warranty. Cocks easily for hours of fun. Steel and aluminum construction for years of durability. Roller bearing clutch with one way movement. Fully adjustable throwing angles. Can be mounted on tire. Powder coated paint finish for weather resistance.

Steel and aluminum construction with powder coat paint finish
* Fully adjustable throwing angles
* Throws singles, stacked doubles, or side by side doubles
* Two-year limited warranty



Do-All Outdoors - Big Yellow Clay Target Thrower NZ$19 (incl. GST)

* Throw left or right handed
* Clay Type: Standard 108mm
* Style: Hand Thrower
* Code: BYHT

The Big Yellow Hand Thrower is the best deal on a hand thrower. Load this Clay Target with standard 108mm tagets and let them fly. Works with both left and right handed people.

Scope Stands

CollingsGuns Scope Stand with 1x 400mm Aluminium Rod NZ$235 (incl. GST)

Style / Fitting: Quantity:
CollingsGuns Scope Stand with 2x 400mm Aluminium Rods NZ$245 (incl. GST)
Style / Fitting: Quantity:
CollingsGuns Scope Stand with 3x 400mm Aluminium Rods NZ$255 (incl. GST)
Style / Fitting: Quantity:

Style/Fitting: Camera type fitting.

* Aluminium scope stand.
* Includes 1, 2 or 3 x 400mm aluminium rods.
* Very stable, easy to use and adjustable.
* For prone, kneeling, standing, shooting or scoring from a chair.
* Designed and constructed by Mike Collings of CollingsGuns in Whakatane, New Zealand. 


Protective Shooting Pad
Sims Limbsaver Protective Shooting Pad NZ$70 (incl. GST)

Model # 90102

Reduces up to 50% of Felt Recoil
* One Size Fits All
* Right- or Left-Handed
* Perfect for Extended Shooting Sessions
* Black
* Shipping Weight: 1.125lbs

SIMS is all about comfort, shock control and accuracy. The new Protective Shooting Pad with SIMS technology brings it all home for the long gun shooter. The Shooting Pad features SIMS award-winning, break-away technology with a removable system manufactured with SIMS' proprietary NAVCOM™ material. This insert is designed with variable-sized nodes that disperse recoil better than any other material available today. The outer unit is rugged and attractive for both hunter or range shooter.


Miscellaneous Target Shooting Products

Eagle Eye
Temporarily Unavailable Sorry!
Improves sight picture for indoor or outdoor target shooters.  (Screwed into 

3 Dioptre     NZ$85 (incl. GST)

.5 Dioptre    NZ$85  (incl. GST)

Aluminium Rail NZ$27 (incl. GST)
to fit standard swivel & bipod dovetail and 




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