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Winchester Ammunition  



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Winchester - Centrefire Ammunition
20 per pack unless otherwise stated
Supreme® Ballistic Silvertip™ Centerfire Rifle Ammunition
204 Winchester
#SBST204R  32gr BST  NZ$44
220 Swift 
#SBST220  40gr BST  NZ$71
Faced with varmints or thin-skinned game at long ranges, Ballistic Silvertip Centerfire Rifle Ammunition is the choice of dedicated hunters.  This "pinpoint" accurate ammunition combines the proven Nosler® Ballistic Tip® with a patented, Winchester Lubalox® coating for the ultimate in extreme range performance. 
The exclusive silver polycarbonate tip is integrated into the bullet during the forming process for uniform shape and roundness. In varmint calibers, the jacket contains a pure lead core to promote instantaneous fragmentation. Larger calibers are constructed with long range accuracy and flat trajectory foremost in mind. They feature different jacket contours and harder lead cores for controlled bullet expansion.  Winchester Ballistic Silvertip™ Centerfire Rifle Ammunition is the round to shoot when you demand unparalleled accuracy and "game specific" bullet performance. 
22-250 Winchester 
#S22250RLF  35gr BST LF NZ$53
#SBST22250  50gr BST  NZ$52
222 Remington 
#SBST222  40gr BST  NZ$51
223 Remington 
#SBST223   50gr BST  NZ$51
#S223RLF   35gr BST  NZ$42
#SBST223B 55gr BST NZ$42
243 Winchester 
#SBST243  55gr BST  NZ$58
#SBST243A  95gr BST  NZ$58
#SBST243SS  WSSM 55gr BST NZ$71
#SBST25WSS 85gr BST (50)  NZ$66
#SBST25WSSA 115gr BST (50)  NZ$66
25-06 Remington
#SBST2506  115GR BST  NZ$66

270 Winchester 
#SBST270  130GR BST  NZ$65

#S270CT   140GR CT  NZ$65
#SBST2705 WSM 130GR BST  NZ$65
#S270WSMCT WSM 140GR CT  NZ$78
#SBST2705A WSM 150GR BST  NZ$62

280 Remington 
#SBST280  140gr BST  NZ$66
30-06 Springfield 
#SBST3006  150gr BST  NZ$62
#SBST3006A  168gr BST  NZ$62
#SBST3006B  180gr
BST  NZ$62
#S3006CT   180gr BST  NZ$68
300 Winchester Magnum 
#SBST300   180gr BST  NZ$75
#S300WMCT  180gr

300 Winchester Short Magnum 
#SBST300SA  180gr BST  NZ$76
#S300WSMCT  180gr ABCT  NZ$75
308 Winchester 
#SBST308  150gr BST  NZ$65
#SBST308A  168gr BST  NZ$65
7mm Remington Magnum
#SBST7A  140gr BST  NZ$65
#SBST7  150gr BST  NZ$65
#S7MMCT  160gr ABCT  NZ$78
7mm STW
#SBST7STW  140gr BST 
7mm-08 Remington 
#SBST708  140gr BST  NZ$53
7mm Winchester Short Magnum
#SBST7MMS  140gr BST  NZ$77
#S7MMWSMCTA  140gr ABCT  NZ$87
S7MMWSMCT  160gr ABCT  NZ$87
338 Winchester Magnum 
#SBST338  200gr BST  NZ$100
#S338CT  225gr ABCT  NZ$70
325 Winchester Short Magnum 
#SBST325S   180gr BST  NZ$74
#S325WSMCT  200gr ABCT  NZ$84
338 Lapua Magnum 
#S338LM  250gr HPBT  NZ$185
375 H&H
#S375SLS  300gr NS NZ$280
#S375SLSP 300gr NP NZ$280
416 Rigby
#S416SLS  400gr NS NZ$455
#S416SLSP 400gr NP NZ$422
416 Remington Magnum

#S416SLS  400gr NS NZ$455
#S416SLSP 400gr NP NZ$422
458 Winchester Magnum
#S458WSLS  500gr NS NZ$280
#S458SLSP 500gr NP NZ$280

Super-X Centerfire Rifle Ammunition
204 Ruger
#X204R  34gr JHP NZ$36
220 Swift 
#X220S  50gr BST  NZ$47
6mm Remington
#X6MMR2  100gr PP 
218 Bee  
#X218B  46gr HP (50)  NZ$110
22 Hornet 
#X22H1  45gr SP (50)  NZ$79
#X22H2  46gr HP (50)  NZ$79
22-250 Remington
#X222501  55gr PSP  NZ$44
#X222502   64gr PP  NZ$44
222 Remington 
#X22245   45gr JHP  NZ$37
#X222R  50gr PSP  NZ$37
223 Remington
#X223R   55gr PSP  NZ$37

#X223R2  64gr PP  NZ$37
225 Winchester
#X2251  55gr PSP (50)  NZ$49

243 Winchester (6mm)
#X2431  80gr PSP  NZ$42

#X2432  100gr PSP  NZ$42

25-20 Winchester
#X25202  86gr SP (50)  NZ$112
#X25WSS  120gr PEP (50)  NZ$55
25-06 Remington 
#X25061  90gr PEP  NZ$54

#X25062  120gr POS PEP  NZ$54
250 Savage  
#X2503  100gr ST  NZ$71
257 Roberts  
#X257P3  117gr PP  NZ$55
6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser 
#X6555  140gr SP 
264 Winchester Magnum
#X2642  140gr PP (50)  NZ$78
7mm Mauser (7x57) 
#X7MM1  145gr PP 
270 Winchester 
#X2705  130gr PP NZ$41

#X2703  130gr ST EX 
#X2704  150gr PP  NZ$41
7mm-08 Remington 
#X708  140gr PP  NZ$42
30-30 Winchester 
#X30301  150gr HP 
#X30303  170gr PP 
#X30306  150gr PP  NZ$48
#X30302  150gr ST  NZ$39
30-06 Springfield 
#X30062  125gr PSP  NZ$42

#X30061  150gr PP  NZ$42
#X30063  150gr ST EXP  NZ$57
#X30064  180gr PP  NZ$42
#X30066  180gr ST EXP  NZ$57

30 Carbine 
#X30M1  110gr HSP (50)  NZ$78

303 British 
#X303B1  180gr PPSP  NZ$50

307 Winchester 
#X3076  180gr PP  NZ$55

8mm Mauser (8 x 57 : 7.9) 
#X8MM  170gr PPSP  NZ$54

308 Winchester 
#X308130  130gr HP NZ$47

#X3085  150gr PPSP  NZ$41
#X3083  180gr ST EXP  NZ$60
#X3086  180gr PPSP  NZ$41

32-20 Winchester 
#X32201 100gr LB (50) 
325 Winchester Short Magnum
#X325WSM  220gr PP  NZ$63
375 Winchester 
#X375W  200gr PP  NZ$75
338 Winchester Magnum 
#X3381 200gr PPSP  NZ$68
356 Winchester 
#X3561  200gr PP  NZ$67
44-40 Winchester 
#X4440  200gr SP (50)  NZ$110

#CB4440W 225gr Cowboy LB(50) NZ$92
38-40 Winchester 
#X3840  180gr SP (50) 
38-55 Winchester 
#X3855  255gr SP  NZ$52
44 Magnum
#X44MHSP2 240gr HSP NZ$44
#X44MS 210gr STHP NZ$41
45-70 Government 
#X4570H 300gr JHP NZ$66
458 Winchester Magnum
#X458 510gr SP NZ$86
223 WSSM
#X223WSS  55gr PSP NZ$49

#X223WSS1  64gr PP NZ$49
300 Winchester Short Magnum
#X300WSM1   150gr PP  NZ$63

#X300WSM   180gr PP  NZ$63
32 Winchester Special
#X32WS2  170gr PP NZ$37
243 WSSM
#X243WSS  100gr PP NZ$49
300 H&H Magnum
#X300H2  180gr SP NZ$78
270 Winchester Short Magnum
#X270WSM  150gr PP NZ$68
300 Winchester Magnum 
#X30WM1  150gr PPSP  NZ$68

#X300WSM 180gr ShortMag PP NZ$68
7mm Remington Magnum 
#X7MMR1  150gr PP  NZ$52
#X7MMR2  175gr PP  NZ$52
300 Savage
#X3001  150gr PP NZ$55

Key to Projectile Abbreviations
SP = Soft Point
PPSP = Power Power Soft Point
PSP = Pointed Soft Point
PEP = Positive Expanding Point
HSP = Hollow Soft Point
ST EXP = Silver Tip Expanding
LB = Lead Bullet
JHP = Jacketed Hollow Point


Miscellaneous Ammunition
Belmont Centerfire Ammunition

Belmont .308 Cal 130gr HP Speer NZ$37 (incl. GST)

Model # 1164
Quantity: 20 per packet

Belmont - This Speer hollow point projectile has been chrono'd at 2900 fps which gives this load a potent knock down effect on goats, Pigs and small Deer.

Australian Outback Centerfire Ammunition

Australian Outback .223 Cal 69gr Sierra HPBT Matchking NZ$36 (incl. GST)

Extreme performance whatever the weather!

Model # OB223SMK
20 Per Pack
Bullet Type: Hollow-Point Boat Tail (HP-BT)
Ammo Casting: Brass

Ammunition Temperature (°F)
Muzzle Velocity (ft/s)

The hollow point boat tail design provides that extra margin of ballistic performance match shooters need to fire at long ranges under adverse conditions. Australian Outback ammunition is truly the first of its kind. It is the only line of ammunition that leaves your barrel at the same high velocity at extreme temperature ranges regardless if it is burning hot or freezing cold outside. BTI (Ballistic Temperature Independence) delivers consistent extreme high velocity making it ultra reliable coupled with the high energy propellants delivers outstanding performance.

Other Ammunition e.g. Norma, Federal etc Available on Request


'Mail Order Sales' Form Required to Purchase Ammunition

Dear Valued Customer,

Please note that all mail order purchases of firearms and ammunitions must be accompanied by a completed 'Mail Order Sales' (MOS) Form (the instructions for this are below), which provides for proof and verification of your firearms licence, directly from a Police-Officer. The MOS Form is valid for the 7 days following the date the Police-Officer completes it and as such, if you haven't submitted your order for a Firearm and/or Ammunition to us already, you will need to make sure you do so within this time-frame. The MOS Form only applies to the purchase of the Firearms and Ammunitions that you have specified in the MOS Form and accordingly you will need to complete a further MOS Form for any subsequent, or other, Firearm or Ammunition purchases. For more information, please refer to the MOS bulletin (released by the New Zealand Police) which you can find here.

Instructions for Purchasing Firearms and/or Ammunition:

Step 1: Complete your Firearm and/or Ammunition order through our website, by email, by post, or by telephone (we will get your order ready and will then hold it until the relevant Police-Officer has emailed us the 'Mail Order Sale' (MOS) Form).
Step 2: Print the MOS Form which you can find here and complete the required areas (i.e. your details and the details of the Firearm and/or Ammunition you have ordered). We have already completed the 'Seller/Supplier' details on the MOS Form.
Step 3: Visit your nearest Police-Station with the MOS Form and your current firearms licence.
Step 4: Ask a Police-Officer to firstly, complete the remaining section of the MOS Form and to secondly, email the MOS Form to us at from a valid New Zealand Police email-address.
Step 5: Visit our store to pick up your new Firearm and/or Ammunition or wait for it to be delivered to your house!

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